Well wishes from the other side.

I’m like, totally bushed after the events of today.

I shall expect every Thursday to be this tiring from now on. For at least one semester or so. ):

Started the day off with PE. I’ve no idea since when PE has turned from the most anticipated class to one of the most dreaded classes (apart from Econs). Each lesson’s like, a whole hell lot of training.

I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s just plain tiring. And I’m already tired as it is, bleh.

Had to write Chinese essay again. I rushed it out in 45 mins, ain’t I awesome! :D

Then I had to write an essay + two more questions for History. As if I didn’t have enough to write during Chinese. Rushed it out, still. :P

English was slightly more slack today. Watched a movie in the computer lab. Not bothering to elaborate, I’m TIRED. D:

Math was…tiring. For the most part. I don’t really know since I was sleeping through 70% of the lesson. ._.

Okay, I seem to be skimming through the events of the day. I’m tired, what do you expect. I start off with very tedious exercises for the day, then go through so many hours of lessons until 5.30 pm in the evening.

So tired.

I’m so tired I don’t think I even have the energy to go watch anime today. Plus I’ve to rush out my Physics practical worksheet in like, an hour. I wanna sleep early tonight. :x

Oh wells, I shall end the post and go uh, do Physics while I download Beelzebub 06 and Freezing 06. Took the converters long enough this week.


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