Dragon Crisis! – 07

So Ai was…human? Lol.

This episode was pretty much meh, with the classic “I lied to you” thing by Furumori Saeki to Ai. Pretty much the classic anime plot.

Ryuuji acts hero in this episode, with his “I’ll take you in if no one else’s going to do so” speech. Goddammit, he’s taking in girls like stray cats. Stop recruiting people into your harem, Ryuuji! D<

After that's just your plain old "hero beats villain" thing. Apparently Rose's fire was some purifying effect that can remove the Lost Preciouses embedded in Saeki. I would like to see how that worked out.

There’re just a few things disturbing about this episode…

Dr. Ock?

Wait wait, what the hell? Dr. Ock in Dragon Crisis?!

Don't tell me he'll shoot out some black gunk like Venom.

Okay then now it’s…Sandman? ._____.


Oh dear gods, what is this, Venom’s black gunk? This ain’t Spiderman, dammit. Stop the references!

And then you’ve the part where Saeki gets defeated…


Okay, what the hell, man. So Saeki opts not to get captured by the society, and decides to turn into dust and become one with the Lost Precious—

Okay, screw that, that sounded really dumb.

So now Ai’s real name is Aika. Right, how significant.

And the Ai arc ends. Really, it leaves just about as much impact as the Marga arc. Disappointing, really.

You just have Ai leaving Ryuuji at the end of the episode to meet her (supposed) father. That doesn’t really conclude things, you know.

Can we not have this “I meet you at the start of the arc then leave you at the end of the arc” kind of characters any more? It sounds like Ryuuji’s just being Superman and saving random characters with Rose as his partner.

And not much Rose this episode’s kinda disappointing too. D:

Gigantic robots next episode?

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