Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 08

Oh god, Kyuubey, what have you done?! D<

So Kyuubey’s actually some evil critter who cultivates Puella Magi into witches? Oh wait, we already knew he was evil (from episode 3). Damned critter.

And in case you’re wondering how a Puella Magi can possibly turn into a witch, Sayaka provides you with the step-by-step solution in this episode:

Note that Steps 1 – 4 need not be followed in order to turn into a witch!

Step 1: Hack witches up relentlessly with a crazed look in your face.

Step 2: Hurt your best friend.

Step 3: Refuse help from a fellow Puella Magi who offered you a Grief Seed to purify your almost-fully-tainted Soul Gem.

Step 4: Let darkness and hate consume your body.

Step 5 (optional): Say your last words.

Step 6: Witness your Soul Gem shatter and turn into a Grief Seed. Okay, maybe you won’t even be able to see anything, since you’re already dead.

Step 7: Turn into a witch as Kyuubey watches from afar. And in case you can’t see the where the transformation is, that’s the place where pulses are radiating at the far right of the picture.

So now it’s confirmed for a fact that when Soul Gems are tainted to a critical point, it’ll shatter and turn into a Grief Seed, turning the Puella Magi into a witch.

Kyouko’s gone a long way since episode 4. She finds Sayaka and encourages her, preventing her from falling into despair. Of course we know this effort was in vain since Sayaka DID turn into a witch due to Sayaka being a fucking loser who couldn’t take things in her stride. Well, at least Kyouko tried to make things better.

Homura breaks down in front of Madoka in this episode! Now I surely didn’t see that coming. Madoka really needs to fix her inferiority complex (and the “I can’t help anyone of you” thing)…

Also, the theory that Homura’s in fact a time traveller has been proven true in this episode. Now she can summon grenades and also…

Oh yay, Kyuubey beehiving!

Kill Kyuubey with time-manipulating magic. I’m so glad that Kyuubey’s finally gone…



Apparently Kyuubey has multiple bodies and can switch between these bodies should one of them be killed.

And now for something REALLY disturbing.

Om nom nom, you gotta love Kyuubey meat!

God, that was REALLY REALLY disturbing. Sure, we’ve seen Kyuubey being an extreme fucktard with words, but eating his own carcass?! Totally didn’t see that coming.

And the worst thing’s that he eats it like it’s cotton candy.

One more thing that’s been revealed in this episode is Kyuubey’s full name. Apparently it’s Incubator. So…it’s In-Kyuubey-tor? Haha. It does make some sense, given that he’s the one that turns young girls into Puella Magi and then releases those facts that makes losers (like Sayaka) fall into despair and eventually turning into a witch. So yeah, I guess Kyuubey’s an “incubator” for the creation of witches?

I’m actually glad they killed off Sayaka (she probably will be killed off as a witch anyway) in this episode, I was getting really sick of her emo ranting in the past few episodes. Not to mention being a total bitch to Homura in several occasions.

I’m interested to see what witch Sayaka looks like. And also how she’ll get killed.

My Madoka subs and converts (in 480p) need to come faster, dammit!

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