Updating calendar to March…

So in a few hours it’ll be March. While March might not seem interesting compared to June (only a one week term break D:), there are some interesting events coming up. Some might apply to everyone, others, not so.

GOSICK OP/Inedx ED Release Date

Date: March 2nd

March 2nd (that’s two days later) is when the last (?) set of winter anime singles come out. I think. Or maybe there’ll be another set coming out. I just can’t think of any winter anime singles left to release, though…

Anyway, the GOSICK OP, Index ED and Freezing OP will be released by then. They’re all very awesome songs, I wonder why they decided to release it so late. Looking forward to it, the songs are really good.

ComiFest SG 2011

Date: March 5th/6th

ComiFest SG this year will be held in March 5th and 6th this year. I’ve not been to ComiFest so this will definitely be a fresh experience for me. Now, how much money should I bring there, hmm…

I hope they sell some nice anime CDs there, I want to pick them up! I feel guilty about downloading them off the net all the time…


SPring is HERE Release Date

Date: March 16th

Finally. Oh god, I’ve been waiting for this.

And when it finally gets released…I hope I’ve enough money to buy it. I’ll prolly get Claire to help me order it (although I’m kinda reluctant to bother her). Maybe I can ask some other people, hehe.

Anyway, this is a major event for March (at least, for me). Looking very much forward to it.

Plus, March 16 is in the middle of the March holidays. :


405 Class Outing #3

Date: March 17th

It’s another trip to Marina Barrage. Oh wells, at least I can reuse that outing guide I used for the 106 outing.

When the outing’s on the day after the release of sphere’s new album… I won’t really be looking forward to it, heh.

I’ve a premonition that we’ll all go play cards somewhere. Maybe we’ll fly kites. If someone decides to be nice and brings kites for us to play with.

Hey, at least we don’t have Roy with us… :D

Okay, that’s about it for the major March events. I can’t really think of any events after March 17th, but there prolly will be one or two, hmm…

And as per tradition (wait, what tradition?), the banner gets changed for March! It’s a sphere banner! Oh yeaaah, I can finally do a banner with real life people. But then again, I might not do it for a long time…

I like the March banner, oh god.

As for Talent Search…well not much progress at the moment. I got too tired today to actually practice anything. Guess I’ll try tomorrow. I hope I get the energy by then. :/

Okay I guess the post comes to an end, then. There’re quizzes tomorrow, so I’ll prolly have to sleep a bit earlier tonight. Plus there’s mentoring on Tuesdays, so I wouldn’t want to be late on a Tuesday (not like I would want to be late on any other day of the week but…)

Oh well, I like Tuesdays anyway.

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