Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 09

...but it's okay, I'll be beside you.


So in this episode another Puella Magi bites the dust and dies. Kyouko’s death is hitting me harder than Mami’s one for some reason.

Kyuubey’s existence is also explained in this episode, along with the existence of the Puella Magi. Apparently the universal’s heading for a heat death ending, and Kyuubey’s race (yes, he comes from outer space) has discovered the way to prevent this: through the conversion of Puella Magi to witches. So when Puella Magi turn into witches, they release an immense amount of energy which can counter entropy.

I don’t believe in entropy going in the negative direction, thanks.

Kyuubey’s still being a fucktard this episode.

Call 1800-KYUUBEY if you wish to die for the universe!

No thank you, Kyuubey, I’m sure no one would want to do that. Go home already.

Kyouko believes that Sayaka can be saved and asks Madoka to try talking to Sayaka while she fight (witch) Sayaka. Personally I don’t think that would work.

Meet witch Sayaka.

Indeed, it doesn’t work. Kyouko and Madoka are almost killed until Homura steps in to save Madoka. Kyouko decides to sacrifice her life to allow Homura to escape with Madoka.

Well, Sayaka is that powerful, I guess. Although I’m fairly sure that Homura and Kyouko could’ve taken her down without letting Madoka get harmed.


And with Kyouko out of the picture…

Screw off, Kyuubey.

It seems that Madoka might be forced to become a Puella Magi. I’m not happy to see Kyuubey have his way.

And Kyuubey just let Kyouko die so that he could get Madoka to be a Puella Magi. DAMN YOU KYUUBEY. -rage-

Oh well, I’ll just sleep it off and forget about Kyuubey the fucktard.

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