ComiFest SG 2011

Finally, the event I’ve been looking forward to for the week: ComiFest SG 2011!

ComiFest was a bit small-scale, since it was a mini-event. Although I hoped for a bigger scale event.

I was kinda disappointed when I saw how small the space was, to be frank. Even more so when I realized that no one was selling anime singles. DDDDDD:

And the doujins were…not bad, but I couldn’t really understand them. Well, among the various titles were Axis Power Hetalia, Bleach and Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, all of which I had no knowledge of. I’m sorry to all those APH, Bleach and KHP fans out there, I do not watch/read those titles! ):

And the can badges were a bit on the expensive side. $4 isn’t really exactly very cheap for a small can badge. And it’s not like they particularly interested me or anything. The ones that probably caught most of my attention were the HoTD can badges. But they weren’t exactly that impressive either, so I skipped them.

Well, if there was say, K-ON! can badges, or Infinite Stratos ones, maybe I would consider…

As such, my total spendings on ComiFest for myself: $0

But that doesn’t mean I’ve not earned anything! At least I’ve come back with some pictures (and freebies)! :DDDDD

This was a “Artist Showcase” thing going on in ComiFest, I had the chance to catch the first one at 1 pm.

The artist here is Yeo Hui Xuan (apparently the same one who designed the ComiFest mascot Pura) drawing uh…I have no idea. But it looks good!

And here’s the completed picture, with the artist beside it! It looks pretty good, no? :D

A closer look at the picture.

Oh good lord, Kyuubey in ComiFest!

I almost LOL’d out in public when I saw this. For some reason I didn’t feel like throwing a brick in Kyuubey’s face. Must be because of all the people around me (and because I didn’t have a brick with me).

Homura-chan and Madoka, GET!

And this is what I got from the free draw, a Homura and Madoka sticker! Not that bad at all.

Other things that I got over at ComiFest were…

I got this free file over at the ComiFest booth. So that’s what the limited souvenirs were…

I got these Bleach prints for $1 each. It looked kinda good, so I bought them. I guess I’ll give them to Kian Wee…

No, this wasn’t from ComiFest. I went to Kinokuniya after the event and bought this. Ah, IS, my love!

So that’s about it for ComiFest SG. Now if you will excuse me, I shall go watch anime now!

Oh, by the way, the results for the fifth seiyuu awards come out today, expect a post later in the day!

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