Infinite Stratos – 08

Lightsaber battles! :D

So the fight between Charlotte/Ichika and Houki/Laura begin in this episode.

Houki gets taken out within the first 5 minutes of the show, and thus does not participate in the battle any longer.

Charlotte and Ichika display some wonderful teamwork (I told you they were the OTP) and Ichika manages to close the gap between him and Laura and goes in for the win…

"Oops, no more shields left."

Wait…didn’t this happen to Cecilia as well?

Laura takes advantage of Ichika’s lack of shields and tries to finishes him off. Luckily Charlotte comes to his rescue with her modified IS and awesome skills (yes, Charlotte’s awesome).

Ichika gets back on his feet and the duo beat the crap outta Laura.

Hey, haven’t I seen this somewhere recently? Freezing, maybe?

And we have a flashback. The stereotypical one that you would see.

Being a genius of some sort, check.
Bad childhood, check.
Being labled as failure, check.

Ah, wells.

Apparently Laura has some sort of nanomachinery in her right eye. Convenient heterochromia?

So Laura gets the voice in her head (which is the machine, I presume) to give her power—hang on, doesn’t this sound a bit too familiar? Like, didn’t Naruto ask the Kyuubi for the same thing sometime in the series?

Laura gets into Kyuubi some Valkyrie Trace mode and morphs into some Chifuyu clone thing. Ichika’s pissed that someone’s copying his dear sister and decides to beat the crap outta the clone.

Wait, Ichika’s IS is out of energy…

Charlotte comes in to save the day!

I would love to see that happen, actually.

Ichika does manage to take down the clone eventually (in less than 10 seconds of episode time), so unfortunately we won’t get to see Ichika in the female uniform.

Oh well, one trap’s enough, I guess.

All the inter-class tournaments become canceled due to Laura going Kyuubi mode, so everyone’s sad they don’t get the chance to ask Ichika out for a date.

Well, it’s not like they’ll win, Charlotte’ll own them all!

Ichika does agree to going out with Houki though, so Houki’s happy…

…for 10 seconds.

You deserved it, Ichika.

Seriously, Ichika, are you really that dense?

Charlotte just took the words outta my mouth.

The teacher announces the opening of the male’s bath, so I guess Ichika and Charlotte can have a little bit of bath time—

Wait, what?

"Ichika no ecchi."

That just made me go jelly.

Wha—- -faints-

OH, screw you, Ichika. -rage-

Charlotte reveals her true gender to everyone at the end of the episode.

Which raises comments such as “WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN THOSE TWO YESTERDAY IN THE MALE BATH?” and the like.

Rin obviously isn’t happy and decides to bust through the wall with her IS. Wait, are you even allowed to do that?

Rin points her gigantic cannon at Ichika but Laura comes to save Ichika from death by cannon.


Reactions are as follows:




Obviously everyone isn’t happy about Laura suddenly kissing Ichika. God, what was that for.

Charlotte doesn’t seem to mind.

Congratulations Ichika, Laura is now part of your harem!

Next episode:

Beach episode! Now I can’t wait to see Charlotte in her swimwear! :D

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