Infinite Stratos – 09

Okay, this is going to be very screencap-intensive. I’ve taken 55 screencaps already. Good lord, I’ve never taken so many screencaps of a single episode.

You have no choice but to awe at the awesomeness of the IS harem in a beach episode.

The episode begins with a certain bunny-eared girl. Oh wait, that’s Houki’s sister? Cool. Now Houki gets her own personal IS that’s supposedly more advanced than anyone else’s. We’ll finally see an end to Houki being useless for the past 8 episode.

Okay, let’s get to the story already.

We have Ichika waking up in his bed like a typical day after all that Shinonono Tabane-whatnot. However, there’s someone familiar beside him…

…Holy shit.

Good lord, Laura has gone completely dere after the previous episode. And she’s better at it than Cecilia is!

I’m starting to like Laura.


Of course, in an unfortunate series of events, Houki walks in on both of them.

Good job.

This is a really great expression Houki’s making.

That is technically true, although Ichika isn’t really Laura’s “wife”. I WILL ONLY ACKNOWLEDGE CHARLOTTE AS ICHIKA’S WIFE!

Speaking of Charlotte, she gets pretty jealous over Laura and Ichika…

I agree. So Ichika, go die and let me have Charlotte! D<

Oh Charlotte, you’re so moe!

Of course, dense Ichika just simply complies. Charlotte gets all dere over it. :3

Oh no, looks like Cecilia and Rin have been tailing the duo.

And what the hell’s with those expressions, they look…yandere. :x

Yep, definitely yandere.

Laura joins in the stalking as well.

Ichika (finally) notes that since Charlotte has revealed her gender, there’s no need to call her “Charles” anymore. Wow, I’m in awe of Ichika’s intelligence.

Ichika proposes the name “Char” as a name between the two of them.

As you can see, Charlotte is simply overjoyed at the intimacy of the name. Oh yeaaah, I can see that Ichika’s heading for Charlotte as the OTP!

And Ichika, you damned player. :3

Why hello, girl whom I’ve forgotten the name. You suck compared to the rest of the IS harem! D<

Time to buy swimsuits.

Oh noes, Laura is broken.

Meanwhile, Charlotte has noticed the presence of Cecilia, Laura and Rin. About time she did that.

Yes, I’m pretty sure they will.



Well, duh.

Ichika no ecchi.


0193852110…, my dear Ichika.

And while Ichika’s distracting himself by memorizing the digits of pi, Charlotte’s done with her swimsuit.


Oh god, holy fuc—

Chifuyu catches the two in the red. Uh oh.

Yamada-sensei gives the two a lesson on proper etiquette.

But really, isn’t a bit awkward to be doing that in a departmental store? ._____________.

Meanwhile, Laura’s facing a problem of her own: her swimsuit. She turns to her helpline…

Now we know where Laura got that weird logic from.

School mizugi!

Laura gets told off…

Okay, that’s actually true in more than one way.


Now on to the actual beach episode. I’M READY FOR IT!

Oh, god.

Rin’s obviously unhappy with this.

That sounds kinda wrong when taken out of context…

Ahaha, Rin raping Cecilia is so interesting.

Rin tries to get some alone time with Ichika by challenging him to a swim duel but backfires when she gets a cramp halfway. Ichika saves her in the end.

Cecilia takes the chance and drags Rin back to the hotel with another girl. Takatsuki, was it?

This is cracking me up for unknown reasons.

Is…that Laura. ._____.

Oh yes, I’m sure you do.

After a bit of pushing by Charlotte, Laura finally takes off the towels.

Argh Laura, why you so dere? Making me jelly too.

But Charlotte’s still number one!

Like I said, Charlotte’s still number one.

Laura has totally blanked out after Ichika called her “cute”.

This is what happens as a result.

Yep, Laura’s completely dere towards Ichika now.

And we’ve Chifuyu and Yamada-sensei in their swimsuits as well!

Chifuyu looks kinda weird with her hair let down. But damn, sexy swimsuit.

Tell me that’s not true, Ichika! Tell me Charlotte’s your type of woman! D<

Ichika, you freakin’ sinner.

You’re not telling me you’ve only realised this now, Charlotte!

Don’t give up, Charlotte! You can beat Chifuyu!

We get treated to scenes for the next few minutes.

Uhh…what? Weren’t you playing beach volleyball? How do you end up in that position?

Looks like Rin has escaped from Cecilia’s crutches.

And we have a really good shot of Charlotte and Laura. Those two are now my top 2 favorite IS girls!

Charlotte’s still first anyway.

I realised that we haven’t seen Houki since the starting of the episode. Now where did she go…

Oh, there you are.

Apparently she was wondering about her sister’s words. Maybe she’s excited about getting her really awesome personal IS. Chifuyu points out that tomorrow is 7th July and Tabane might appear.

Wait, isn’t 7th July Tanabata? o_O

And the beach episode has come to an end. Seriously, I’ve never taken so many screencaps in one episode. Kudos to IS (and 8-bit) for letting me break that record.

Thursdays aren’t only about Madoka anymore!

Next episode:

Houki’s sister joins in the fun.

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