Dragon Crisis! – 09


No more gigantic robots, we have a serial killer this time.

And yes, he is axe crazy.

So apparently Eriko has received some Lost Precious and is supposed to appraise it. Doorbell rings, good lord.

Hey Ai, you’re back! And Misaki—nevermind her.

Oh well, a pouting Rose’s good too.

Okay, so after a weird turn of events, they end up in the Lost Precious that’s actually a picture.

I’ll just cut this short because I really found the story really stupid this time round. And Ryuuji isn’t even in the episode 90% of the time.

That doesn’t stop his name from being mentioned many times, though. -sigh-

Anyway, to cut it short.

– The females all get sucked into the picture.
– They get chased by a guy wielding an axe who thinks that all women are liars.
– Mirror(s) of truth appear before them and they’ve to tell the truth about the stuff that…the guy in the mirror asks.
– Which is largely about about Ryuuji, for unsurprising reasons.
– Misaki hesitates to tell the truth for god knows what reason.
– Axe crazy guy = guy in the mirror. Oh, wow.
– Axe crazy guy doesn’t believe any of them and chases them again.
– Bianca and Ryuuji save them.

The story was…really lame.

Seriously, you’ve Misaki being unusually hesitant about telling about her most precious memory when…the rest just answered without faltering. God, how hard is it to say that it’s the time you met Ryuuji? Rose can say she loves Ryuuji without thinking. Ai can even say in the guy’s face that she’s willing to die for Ryuuji without hesitating. How hard is it to freakin’ answer such a simple question.

So much for “liking” Ryuuji. Go die, Misaki.

Okay, screw this, I’ll go watch Madoka 10 now.

Next episode

New dragon on the block. And hey, Marga’s back! Hocchan~ <3

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