Infinite Stratos – 10

God, Akatsubaki looks mighty sexy. The red color’s like, awfully sexy. :3

Anyway, before I go on rambling about how sexy the Akatsubaki is, let’s continue with episode 10 (and the beach episode, yeah!).

Don’t worry, no more 50+ screencaps.

This should warn you about eating an entire wad of wasabi.

Charlotte. <3

Oh Ichika, you player. D<

Cecilia pouting’s good, too. :3


Back in her room, Cecilia's plotting something…


I doubt Ichika would do anything, though. He’s that dense. I’m sorry, Cecilia, your efforts are in vain!

Cecilia join the rest of the IS harem outside Ichika’s room. Apparently they’re eavesdropping on Ichika and Chifuyu. Come on, they can’t be doing incest…

It’s just a massage, dammit.

Chifuyu catches Cecilia with her indecent thongs. Chifuyu win!

Textbook question.

Oh Chifuyu, you teaser! :3


Anyway, now back to Tabane, Houki and her Akatsubaki.


…Seriously, a mecha carrot!?

This is the epitome of stalking.

And the next few minutes is spent introducing Akatsubaki. Honestly, that thing’s freakin’ sick, the color looks so damned sexy.

Not to mention the specs. Dammit, it’s even more hax than Ichika’s IS.

And then there’s yet another problem: another berserk IS. A joint IS by America and Israel, seriously?

So Tabane takes the opportunity for Houki and the Akatsubaki to display their skills. Of course, Ichika’ll be the one to deliver the finishing blow to the berserk IS, but hey, we get to see Akatsubaki in action—

And the episode ends. Damn.

Next episode:

We’re seeing Akatsubaki in actionnnnnnn. :3

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