Infinite Stratos – 11

And remember to buy life insurance.

Things get serious this week.

The episode continues off from where we left off last episode, with Ichika and Houki heading on the fight the Gospel.

Houki gets all merry with her new IS (I would too, Akatsubaki’s such a sexy piece of mecha), resulting in Ichika having to remind her about not forgetting the weak.

But really, did he have to do it through this method?!

Oh no, I hope you've bought your insurance.

Ichika gets shot down by the Gospel as a result of him rushing in to protect Houki. Okay, more like, blown up.

All IS pilots are hence in standby until further orders. Houki gets all depressed ’cause she thinks it’s all her fault (which it is, in truth).

Houki starts to have a flashback. FLASHBACK, YEAH! :D

A tsundere since young, eh?


Apparently Houki gets so depressed she decides to run along the shoreline in one stretch. Okay, actually everyone does that.

Rin confronts Houki about her lack of resolve.


Rin’s so annoyed with Houki that she bitchslaps her. >.>

Apparently the slap worked, and Houki’s back on her feet again. So much for being the wielder of such a sexy IS.

The IS harem decides to take on the Gospel by themselves (and disobeying orders). Awesome. :D

And by the way, the cannon looks mighty cool. Laura broke the Gospel’s stealth shield with one blast. :3

And this is…mighty cool as well. A cool ending for the episode. :D

Things are really starting to get serious now. I’m sure we won’t be getting more moe until possibly the end (which I don’t mind for a change). But heck, the action’s awesome.

The Gospel sounds like a pretty strong IS unit, being able to dodge Ichika’s attack and block several of Houki’s attack. Or maybe it’s just that it’s piloted by a computer which can calculate all of their attacks.

Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to the next episode. Actually, hang on, I look forward to every IS episode. :D

Next week:

What does Houki being in a bikini have anything to do with what’s going to happen next episode!?

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