Dragon Crisis! – 10

No, I can't really tell.

Another dragon on the block!

In this episode Sapphie (the blue dragon) is introduced. Self-proclaiming that she’s the lover of Onyx, she attacks Ryuuji (but ultimately fails). So much for being a dragon.

Apparently Onyx’s still alive. Oh well, we get more mindfuck.

Now where have I seen this before… *coughShanacough*

Odama Rasengan!

Second attempt on an assault. Which I should remind everyone that it ended up as a failure again.

And with a turn of events Sapphie’s in Ryuuji’s house.

Well apparently this is proof that Rose’s still a child. And apparently Sapphie’s an adult. Can’t tell? It’s okay, I couldn’t tell either.

But I’ve to agree with Sapphie. Come on, no one above the age of 12 will say that with a straight face.

Start by working on your flat chest.

Sapphie has gotten Rose interested in being an adult. I smell trouble.

101 ways to convince your parents.

Rose tries to convince Ryuuji.

Thanks, we can all see that.

Rose ends up burning up and now feels embarrassed around Ryuuji. In short, we’ve awkward situations between the two now.

And…the episode ends with a meeting at breakfast. No, really.

Next episode:

Holy crap, Izaya Onyx’s back.

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