Dragon Crisis! – 11

And the awkward tense atmosphere continues.

The first half of the episode was about…Rose and Ryuuji being their awkward selves and each consulting people.

Apparently Ryuuji consulted Masato, and Rose consulted Misaki. I wouldn’t say they’re really good choices, though.

…Wait, what?

Yes, I'm sure you would.

Cut the crap already.

Is this an attempt to break the fourth wall?

And then we move on to the second half of the episode.


Which was mostly about Ryuuji being back to his wimpy self. Oh, come on, just because Onyx says that you’re a threat to the dragons doesn’t mean you’ve to believe him, right? More so if it’s coming from the same guy who tried to kill you.

I think I just went wtf and died on the inside when I saw this scene.

Ryuuji actually believed him in the end, by the way. And proceeded to hand Rose over to Onyx. I’ll be waiting to see his expression the next episode when Marga tells him that not everything Onyx’s saying’s the truth. I’ll be waiting, mark my words.

And the last few minutes are spent on…Misaki talking to Ryuuji. Which I would rather not elaborate on.

Think this post sounded short? Well, yeah. There’s nothing much to write about anyway. Heck, I’m wondering why I’m even writing this post.

I’ve a feeling everything’ll be explained next episode, anyway.

Next episode:

I wouldn’t count on it if I were you, Rose.

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