Dragon Crisis! – 12

Not this again.

I…don’t even know what to say anymore.

Okay, what the hell. My head’s spinning after I’ve watched this episode and I’m not sure how I’m going to make this post.

I think I’ll start off with this.


I…totally saw this coming. Ryuuji, you suck.

Marga offers some advice common sense that Ryuuji should’ve listened to before handing Rose over to Onyx.


Marga had to resort to that before Ryuuji realised that he should believe Marga over Onyx. Wait, what?

Apparently that made Ryuuji get himself up and decide that he should save Rose (which should’ve been done in last episode, but nevermind that).

Here comes the interesting part:

Onyx prepare to get Rose flown to Albania (uh, seriously?). Marga appears in front of the private jet and freezes the runway so the jet skids off. Military vehicles come out of nowhere, seemingly unaffected by the frozen runway (well, I would presume it’s Society technology — traction on ice!) and surround the jet. Kai orders the jet to be directed to one unfrozen runway. The military officer we saw arresting Ryuuji back in the last episode comes back and flies a helicopter into the jet. Don’t ask me why the helicopter didn’t explode or anything, I’ve no freakin’ idea. Onyx gets annoyed, takes one of the helicopter blades and tries to kill the officer, only to have Ai save this officer. But wait, Ai realises that he’s not Ryuuji (duh) and throws him back on the floor. Ouch. And you thought driving a helicopter into the jet was bad enough for the poor guy.

And apparently Eriko has enough money to book the entire Haneda Airport and make it part of the Society for a short amount of time. I wonder how much that was.

And here’s showing how Ai’s as fast, if not faster, than Eriko’s car. It should be noted that Eriko drives at high speeds. About 100kmph, maybe?

Eriko uses one of the military vehicles surrounding the jet to ramp the car over and…drove Onyx over. Okay, maybe she didn’t. But I shall assume as such because the next thing we see is Eriko and Ryuuji back with a Rose that has regained her memory.

I wouldn’t believe him if I were you, Rose.

So we see Rose getting her 100% dere side back.

And all of a sudden the jet rocks. Oh wait, it’s Onyx, he’s back in dragon form and is carrying the jet to…god knows where!

Two figures (Ryuuji’s parents, fyi) appear out of nowhere. Ryuuji’s dad throws a boomerang (?) from uh…i don’t know, 1 km away? All it does is to scratch Onyx and give Ryuuji and Rose to do their ultimate attack: a Love Engage.

Now for those who don’t know what that is, here’s a picture to help you understand.

I've been given a heart attack. Literally.

Onyx gets hit by a gigantic pink heart and disappears. And he lasted shorter than the fight back in episode 3. So much for recovering.

Lesson learnt: LOVE CONQUERS ALL.

And then at the end of the episode, we’re presented with a wonderful scenario.

Ryuuji’s back in school with Rose (now having braids :D), Sapphie’s enrolled in his school, Ai jumped four storeys and is by Ryuuji’s window, Marga’s…just there, and Eriko’s in school uniform for god knows what reason. Best of all? Kai (Onyx’s secretary) is now Ryuuji’s homeroom teacher, and…no one actually spots her. Epic disguise is epic much? :3

Last scene: Tokura’s now a stalker that put pinhole cameras that capture the life of Ryuuji and Rose (and the dragons). Perhaps “now” was used inappropriately, he was already a dragon stalker to begin with.

And there you have it, Dragon Crisis!. Seriously, the last part just made me headdesk. A gigantic purple heart that envelops Onyx in power and destroys him? Seriously? Kai’s now Ryuuji’s homeroom teacher? Really?

Okay, forget this, I’ll just wrap this up.

Final thoughts

Enjoyed: Until the last few episodes, yes.
Rating: 5/10 (5/10 for story, and I can’t be bothered to rate the rest)
Rewatch value: Hell no.

Favorite character: Marga, hell yes.
Favorite scene: When the final episode ended.

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