Infinite Stratos – 12

I shall sit on this tree and watch my IS harem!

No, Ichika isn’t dead yet.

The episode picks off where the last episode ended, with the IS girls locked in combat with the Gospel.

And…Ichika continues with his dream in wonderland. But who the hell’s that girl over there?

Wait, what?

Uh…the dream setting changes and now Ichika’s talking to a talking suit. And…I’ve no idea what the hell this is.

Houki struck down the Gospel while Ichika was having his merry dream. Yeah Houki! Even more yeah, Charlotte!

This is reminding me of Mewtwo for some reason.

The Gospel comes out of the sea in this sphere of energy…

Gospel ver. 2.

…and goes into Second Shift. With wings of energy. Wow, that actually looks mighty cool.

And the Gospel proceeds to make short work of the IS girls. Including Houki.

Meanwhile, Ichika’s dream somehow gave him power and healed his wounds and he’s back. Dreams have power!

No, I'm laughing.

Houki’s so happy she’s crying out tears of joy.

And apparently now Houki has some ability that allows for energy transfer. Wait, where have I seen this before?

Anyway, Houki transfers some energy to Ichika and…

We’re back at the scene at the start of episode 1 where Ichika and the IS girls fight the Gospel ver. 2. Ichika finishes it with a Rasengan his energy sword, yeah!

And Chifuyu congratulates them by telling them to do a self-evaluation letter for disobeying orders.

Judging from what Chifuyu says, it seems that Tabane was the one who planned the “Ichika operating an IS” incident a few years ago, as well as preparing an unmanned drone (which is the Gospel) for the purpose of giving Houki a grand debut. Well I was fairly sure of the latter but…the former just shocked me for a while there.

Houki and Ichika’s back at the beach, with Houki in her bikini. This is not anywhere near the Charlotte route, Ichika!

Houki’s supposed punishment’s a flick on the forehead. DAMN YOU, ICHIKA.

This is…just cheating, Houki! D<

And just as Ichika was going to get to the end of the Houki route kiss Houki…


Just as well that Cecilia did that, I NO WANT HOUKI ROUTE. Where’s my Charlotte route?

Reactions are as follows:

Laura. Not happy.

Charlotte. Jealous (but still cute!).

Lin Yin. Broken and ready to kill.

Cecilia. Too broken to say anything.

And they all proceed to beat the heck outta Ichika, who’s now carrying Houki and running away. NOT FAIR.

Laura’s so win.

And we’ve come to the end of Infinite Stratos. Not bad, for something that doesn’t really place any emphasis on story. Well, I wouldn’t say the story’s particularly strong, but I like the moe that comes with it (Charlotte ftw!). The harem does get kinda extra at times,and the last episodes were a bit weak, too. But the OP/EDs are both horribly addictive, just gotta love it.

It’s been fun blogging about this series. :D

And, as a final sort of conclusion to this series, my personal ratings:

Final thoughts

Enjoyed: Very much yes.
Rating: 8/10 (7/10 for story, and 9/10 for moe/entertainment value)
Rewatch value: If I have time, yes. Just for Charlotte!

Favorite character: Charlotte, obviously.
Favorite episode: Beach episode, yeah!
Favorite scene: Ichika no ecchi.

So there you have it, Infinite Stratos 12.

Next episode:

No next episode, but I want another season! :D

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