2D girls vs 3D girls

And you wonder why you can never meet girls with refreshing attitudes like Ohana.

I bet at least one person who’s been reading my blog has anticipated that I would make a post like this someday.

That is, if anyone reads my blog at all.

Before I actually start typing:

I’m typing this post at approximately 0010 hours. Yes, that’s midnight already. My mind’s kinda blank now, so I’ll just type out whatever I’m thinking. It may sound a bit ridiculous at times, I’m sorry, and I’m wondering why I’m making this post at 0010 when I have projects to rush. But hey, Hanasaku Iroha was just so inspiring I guess I had to make this post.

Now, I’m not really going to talk about how awesome 2D girls are and how they just own 3D girls, physically-wise or otherwise.

By the way, I’m not those kind of people who’re obsessed with 2D girls. Awesome is awesome, but I know how to differentiate between 2D and 3D, thanks.

Instead, I’m actually writing more about the personality side: how 2D girls differ from real life ones.

The personalities of 2D girls take a huge spectrum. I can’t really explain it out here, but it’s just appealing. And there’re reasons for that.

1. They don’t act all high-and-mighty and start being extreme douchebags like some girls out there. And even when they DO act high-and-mighty (usually ojou characters), they still don’t act like extreme douchebags. Exceptions might apply, but I’m sure that’s generally the case.

2. I’m sure most 2D girls don’t swear all the time like some girls I know in real life.

3. They. are. not. freakin’. sluts.

4. People are generally more tolerant towards flaws in 2D personalities. In other words, too bad for the 3D girls.

5. And most importantly, these personalities don’t usually appear in real life, thus the appeal.

As I’ve mentioned, the most important point would be point no. 5. How often do we meet tsunderes? Almost never. And what about those girls who act all shy around you? Almost never as well. We are attracted to these personalities, which generally do not exist in the RL world.

Maybe I’m just talking rubbish. My mind’s pretty much blank now.

I don’t know anymore, I’m just hoping I get to meet a girl with a refreshing attitude.

And I guess the ones that’ll probably meet my expectations are the Japanese/Koreans.

I don’t like the Japanese solely because I watch anime (that’s a dumb reason imo). I like the Japanese because their attitude is really admirable. I mean, they’re generally nice people, they don’t swear at you, and they don’t clamour for attention (well, generally anyway). Come on, this kind of attitude is almost nonexistent in Singapore. Girls in Singapore are rude and a lot of them swear. And what’s with all the attention whoring? Being rude + Swearing + Attention whoring just doesn’t add up to a nice personality.

I suppose Koreans are like the Japanese too, refined and nice. I think. :D

Maybe I’m overgeneralising because of all the attention whoring going on in my school, but this is the kind of things I’ve been seeing through my days in school. Maybe I haven’t gone through much in life to say anything.


5 thoughts on “2D girls vs 3D girls

  1. MkMiku

    It’s not unusual at all to blog after midnight (at least for me). You bring up a lot of good points. I hope to meet someone similar with a similar personality. The attitude is a big factor.

  2. anon

    You are talking rubbish because there are plenty of girls that are shy, modest, and don’t act like ho bags… *sigh*… Honestly, sometimes I think people who love anime so much and 2d girls just shouldn’t even say anything about 3d girls because it’ll be biased.

    There are ‘tsundere’ types as well… plenty of nice girls out there. A lot are mean and promiscuous but you know what contributes to that? Media, which is controlled pretty much by men. Women too, but more men. Men control the world. Sex sells, that is why most western and asian women very bad, they think it is okay. If you want more women to be more modest, than go get off your ass watching anime and complaining about 3d girls, and GO CHANGE IT. Message to all. BTW Real body and real personality and love beats any stupid 2d big wide eyed ‘girl’ (and that’s all they ever are, a GIRL, not a mature female.)

    1. thatredsky Post author

      Admittedly I made lots of hasty generalizations in this post.

      This post was actually a rant post (kinda) after I got stereotyped against for watching anime (apparently watching anime makes you like 2D girls). Obviously I know that there’re many nice girls out there, I’ve met many of them as well. I’m not complaining about them, I’m just saying there’re many ideal traits that 2D girls possess that appeals to men, that’s all. And yes I do think I was speaking rubbish when I made this post.

      It’s not really so much of a “OH I AM OBSESSED WITH 2D GIRLS AND THUS DO NOT LIKE 3D GIRLS” kind of thing. It would do you a bit more good if you could read a bit more thoroughly before jumping to any conclusions.

      Also, are you going to attribute the promiscuity of girls nowadays to the fault of men? Yes, the media does take a part in this but to blame it on men is unfair. It sounds like a fairly sexist and unjustified comment. Are you going to say that just because men control the world thus they are to blame for all the world’s problems right now, and that women are not at fault (as well)? If a girl gets rejected by guys due to her attitude problems, is it then fair to blame it on the media (and subsequently, men as you put it) instead of herself?

  3. Ryou

    I agree with u. Especially on sg girls. Been hurtquite a few times. I almost lost hope on sg girls. Playing visual novel makes my heart soothe down a little.


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