Hanasaku Iroha – 02

Another refreshing episode, you just gotta love Hanasaku Iroha.

I love how they reveal some bits of information of characters in HanaIro and then proceed to develop on this bit of information.

Cut, retake!

Like in this episode, what they touched on was Ohana’s unwillingness to work with people, having been taught by her mother to never rely on anyone but herself. Plus all those times Ohana’s mother has been neglecting her.

Childhood trauma much?

Shy Nako is awesome Nako. What else can you expect from a Aki Toyosaki-voiced character? :D

I still can’t believe Tomoe’s voiced by Mamiko Noto.

Ohana finally gets to do some work as a waitress in the inn. She does some housekeeping in the Wave Room which this rumored famous author is staying in.

And when the drafts of this “famous author” goes missing, Ohana takes the blame for it, even though Nako forgot to tell her not to clean up that room without the owner’s supervision.

Ohana. <3

Minko’s still rather hostile towards Ohana.

Oh, and Ohana has learned to cook since preschool! How awesome is that!

I’m quite tired of the whole “死ね” thing, to be honest.

The episode also touches on Ohana’s interactions with the rest of the inn’s staff. The guy shown here is the assistant cook Tooru, I think?

Apparently Ohana doesn’t really like him. Especially after he points out the flaw in Ohana’s thinking: Ohana isn’t so amazing that she can do everything by herself.

Ohana tries to do it Minko-style.

But ends up retracting her words because she thinks it would be bad if the person really died. Awww.

Ohana ponders about what Tooru said while she walks back to the inn.

What a cute and nonviolent way to punish someone.

Angry Ohana in her preschool/elementary school days looked pretty cute, too!

Ohana finally speaks up her mind and tries to work with Nako and Minko. But she’s still pretty pissed about what happened earlier on.

This does not sound good.

Ohana finds the drafts which she accidentally threw away the other day. The contents sound pretty fishy to me. D:

Holy shi–

Ohana dai-pinchi!

Oh no, pedophile alert!

Like I said, I’m really liking Hanasaku Iroha now. It’s like, at the start of the episode, we’re introduced to Ohana’s attitude which involves not ever relying on anyone, but at the end of the episode, she starts to open up.

And Ohana’s personality’s still pretty interesting. It’s like she’s a really cheerful and optimistic girl but at the same time, she’s also quite pessimistic.

Oh well, until the next episode!

Next episode:

Like I said, angry Ohana is cute Ohana. :3

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