The World God Only Knows II – 01

Kusunoki’s awesome. And er Keima…poor thing. ;_;

This looks more like a potato with hands. ._____.

And while Elsie’s running about with Keima’s masterpiece, she runs into some gangsters.

And Keima picks the route labeled “insult the gangsters and get beaten up”. Wise choice, hmm.

They can beat you up, too.

Apparently Keima forgot that “parsley” can beat you up. ;_;

Kusunoki comes to Keima’s rescue and beats up the gangsters. Wait, was that even martial arts? It looked like ninja arts to me. :/

How dare you make Elsie cry, Keima! 絶対に許せない!D<

Keima scolds Elsie as usual. Don’t cry, Elsie, I’ll whack Keima for you! -whacks Keima-

Don’t worry Kusunoki, you’re pretty cute, too! :D

Keima realises that one of the ways to win Kusunoki over is to be her apprentice and uh…build the relationship.

And Kusunoki’s face as she sees Keima picking up the cute kitty = win.

Oh Keima, don't you give me that face! D<

Apparently Kusunoki has a soft spot for Keima’s er…weak face?

I never knew Keima was capable of such shots.


I wish I could be in the kitten’s place. ;_;

Stop doing that, Keima! D<

Kusunoki tries to uh, get rid of the cat?

Don’t kill the catttt. ;_;

Kusunoki’s er…alter ego saves the cat? This is like, some exaggerated representation of MPD (multiple personality disorder), isn’t it?

Apparently Kusunoki needs to overcome this weakness of her which is attracted to cute and weak stuff.

Elsie suggests a date. Good one.

Holy shit, Kusunoki in plain clothes is awesomely hot.

And the first episode of Kami Nomi II ends. I’m kinda impressed with the new season. Kusunoki’s personality’s pretty interesting to watch. And the cattttt. :3

I think I’m using too many screencaps this time round. I just had the urge to keep pressing Ctrl-S while watching. Too many win scenes.

I’m hoping for 24 episodes of Kami Nomi II -crosses fingers-

Oh, and Aki Toyosaki and Kana Asumi are in this as well! Definitely a plus point to watch! <3

Next episode:

This doesn’t sound good for Keima.

2 thoughts on “The World God Only Knows II – 01

  1. MkMiku

    And the hilarity continues? I just finished S1 last night. Best anime of the fall, imo. I can’t wait to start S2, especially if it has a cat in it. *_*


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