A message from Kyuubey

Hi, did you all guys miss me? I bet you did.

I’m coming back in about a week, with Madoka Magica episode 11 and 12 slated for a double airing on 21st April 2011. I’ll show you how I convince Madoka to be a Puella Magi! Watch me, humans!

Okay, I totally faked that message. But simply put, Madoka Magica 11 and 12 is going to be aired a week later! Finally!

I have mixed feelings about this. While I’m happy that I get to watch the ending of Madoka Magica, I would wish that they would air Madoka Magica 11 this week and then air Madoka Magica 12 next week so that I can get the feeling of anticipation of waiting for the ending of Madoka Magica.

Well, at least they didn’t delay the release of the episodes.

Looking forward to it, I shall blog on it when it comes out! :D

2 thoughts on “A message from Kyuubey

  1. MkMiku

    Sounded real enough to me. o.o They should’ve aired it one week at a time. But some would argue that we’ve waited long enough. Oh well, a double features sounds exciting.


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