Denpa Onna – 01

Omg, it’s Ami-chan! ギャハハハ(≧▽≦)

It’s Ami-chan’s hot model body!

That model smile of hers!

And that headtilt— hang on, Ami-chan didn’t do headtilts.

It’s official: Ami-chan has taken over Denpa Onna!

Okay sorry, I couldn’t help but make the ToraDora references. It was just so similarrrrr. :3

That, is Makoto’s aunt, Meme. MILF aunt much? Yeah, I totally can understand.

Unbelievable? I can understand, too. She doesn’t freakin’ look 30, how can she be 39!?

It would’ve been great if Meme was voiced by Kitamura Eri. But nevermind that, Aipon’s good for that too!

And the headtilts in the show are…really an overkill. Oh well, it’s SHAFT, we’ve seen so many of those headtilts in SHAFT anime like Bakemonogatari and Madoka Magica, just to name a few.

This is the way to have dinner with the Touwa family.

I swear, Ami-chan Meme-san is totally awesome.

This is Touwa Erio. With a futon wrapped around her head. That is cute in its own way.

This is Touwa Erio, without the futon wrapped around her head. This is cute in more than one way.

In fact, THIS. IS. EPIC. CUTE.

Makoto’s pretty good to keep account of all those. And hahaha, I particularly love the part where:

Seeing Touwa Erio’s face +3
Seeing Touwa Erio’s behavior – 4

Makoto’s so funny.

I kinda noticed how Makoto’s like Kyon (or maybe Koyomi from Bakemonogatari), with all his tsukkomi lines. Well he doesn’t have Kyon’s level of sarcasm, but it pans out pretty well.

And Touwa Erio’s cute. Saying for the third time already

Next episode:

This sounds really interesting. Makoto ftw.

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