Hidan no Aria – 01

This is just like twintailed-Shana with guns.

Finally got down to watching Hidan no Aria, hmm.

And I would say it’s not bad for a first episode. I’m starting to like the male lead Kinji a lot, I like how he acts like a complete douchebag when he activates that uh…Hysteria mode as he calls it? But more on that mode later.

Judging from all the animes out there, of course.

The episode starts with an introduction of Kinji. So he’s a student in Tokyo Butei High School, where armed detectives (aptly named as “Butei”) are trained. Yes, so they do bring guns and blades to school. That should tell you how dangerous it is.

And uh, Kinji has this hot female friend called Shirayuki which comes over all the time to do chores for him. Personally I found her kinda annoying after the third minute since I wanted to see Aria.

Anyway, moving on…

These Butei are like policemen, except they work for money. Basically they’re mercenaries that can do anything under the Butei law. And because of this, they’re targeted by people who resent their nature of work.

See, I told you.

So now Kinji has a bomb strapped to the back of his bicycle, with a Uzi tied to a two-wheeled vehicle. Apparently Kinji can’t:

1. Slow down ’cause the bomb’ll explode
2. Call for help or call someone through his cellphone ’cause the bomb’ll explode as well.
3. Jump out of the bicycle ’cause the Uzi’ll shoot holes in him
4. Take out his gun and shoot the vehicle with the Uzi ’cause he’s pretty much dead if he doesn’t destroy the vehicle in one take.

So yeah, he’s pretty much screwed.

Until Aria saves him. Sounds pretty much like Shana?

Apparently they end up in some sort of room, and Kinji takes the chance to notice Aria’s…push-up bra. Now that’s something you don’t see in Shana.

I told you, Kinji’s a douchebag.

The two-wheeled Uzi-mounted vehicles come back soon afterwards, and Aria tries to fend them off. Meanwhile, Kinji, enjoy your marshmallow heaven.

Kinji decides to protect Aria and goes into his Hysteria mode where he gets awesomely hax shooting abilities. However, he gets unwanted side effects such as being a cocky douchebag. From a douchebag to an even bigger douchebag, epic win!

Kinji’s just plain good at being a douchebag.

He’s really into this, eh.

Anyway, Kinji finds out soon after (after he’s returned to his normal self) that Aria’s transferred to his class and is sitting next to him. Sounds like Shana much?

Now where have we heard this before?

And this awesome episode ends.

I’ve good impressions of Hidan no Aria and I’ll be interested to see how the plot develops. I wanna see Kinji go into that Hysteria mode of his more often and see him troll everyone else.

Denpa Onna post in the evening!

Next episode:

I better watch next week’s Hidan no Aria.

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