Hanasaku Iroha – 03

This episode’s just so full of win.

I swear that whenever I watch Hanasaku Iroha, I’ll start spamming screencaps like I did with Infinite Stratos.

I haven’t broken the 55 screencap limit, though.

Anyway, Hanasaku Iroha 03 starts off with Minko ranting about how annoying Ohana is. Honestly, I’ve never found Omigawa Chiaki’s voice so cute. Must be because Minko’s cute.

Minko blushing, win!

Win count: 1

Minko and Nako go over to the dining area only to find Ohana missing. Minko gets pissed and swears to take revenge while Nako notices…the huge pot of taro. LOLLOL.

Win count: 1

Meanwhile, Ohana’s being tied up by Jiroumaru who’s consulting a book on how tying bondage. WOW.

Win count: 1

And Jiroumaru totally fails at doing it.

Win count: 1

Eventually Jiroumaru gives up and talks about how much of a failure his life as an author is, etcetc. Ohana keeps her cool and even manages to encourage Jiroumaru. I’m really impressed by Ohana’s ability to keep calm even though she’s being tied up.

Win count: 1

Ohana reads the draft by Jiroumaru, which is evidently an ero-novel.

And lo and behold, yuri-style ero-novel! And NakoxOhana, HNGGGGG.

Win count: 1

Minko’s in it as well! And long hairrrrrr.

Win count: 1


Nako going all seme's awesome. Especially with Aki Toyosaki's voice. <3

Win count: 2

Minko doesn’t lose out, either! :D

Win count: 1

Ohana shouts out to Nako after Jiroumaru tries to chase her out of his room with harsh words. That’s what you get for insulting Nako! D<

Okay, so his plot’s foiled. So Jiroumaru tries to capture Nako and uh…tie her up. Win.

And I loved Nako’s expression. :D

Secretly I think I would’ve liked to see Nako in bondage but…nevermind!

Turns out that the old man (was it the cleaner or something?) was standing behind Nako. And Jiroumaru’s…going to tie him up as well. And the old man blushing, hahahahaha.

I laughed so hard at these scenes.

Win count: 5

The staff of Kissuiso gather for a meeting where most of the staff feel that they should call the cops to arrest Jiroumaru for all that he’s done but Ohana’s grandmother says that she cannot doubt the customer.

Feeling guilty, Jiroumaru tries to well…steal a lorry and then try to kill himself by throwing himself off the cliff.

Win count: 1

Ohana points out the truth to Jiroumaru. I’m surprised Ohana dared to say that.

Damn, Ohana, you’re awesome.

Win count: 1

Really nice part where Ohana’s grandmother comes over to encourage Jiroumaru as well, although she makes it sound like it’s part of her job.

I don’t understand why people’re hating Ohana’s grandmother for whatever she’s doing but…

She’s redeemed! Come on, Ohana’s grandmother was awesome.

Win count: 1

Nako’s going to save the day!

HNNNNNNNNG at Nako’s body. Damn, she has a mighty hot body.

I seriously cannot stop the Nako screencaps. In fact, I’ve already deleted like, 5 other repetitive shots to reduce the total number of screencaps for this post.

Win count: >9000

And everyone’s kinda annoyed at Jiroumaru but…

The main focus’ still Nako’s body. HNGGGGGGGG.

Wait, what mop?!

And their reactions are just plain LOL. Minko and Nako <3

Win count: 2

And the problem's solved by Jiroumaru agreeing to work in Kissuiso (like Ohana) to earn his keep while he writes his novels. Really, all that talking by Ohana finally paid off, it was kinda touching.

And Minko eating the spinach Ohana served to her’s…also kinda nice. I don’t know why but it’s just nice!

Win count: 2

Back in the inn, Ohana tries to memorize the waitress guidebook but isn’t doing so well, so she uh…tidies up Minko’s bed for her.

I LOL’ed when I saw the notebook. Minko’s cute in her own way.

Win count: >9022

Told you this episode was full of win.

Next episode:

Yuina finally appears! Omg Haruka Tomatsu YESYES.

And Tomoe’s pissed off face’s equally awesome. YESYES.

I’m now looking forward to Sundays. Actually, more like Monday, since subs come out on Monday.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to next episode, yeaaaah.

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