Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 11

Damn you, Kyuubey you troll.

Finally the much anticipated Madoka Magica episodes have been aired! We’ll be getting a wrap for Madoka! :D

So Homura’s revealed to be the cause of Madoka’s power (and misfortune), since all that time-travelling caused fate lines to be focused about Madoka.

Poor Madoka. But it’s not really Homura’s fault, damned Kyuubey.

W…What cattle!?

Screw you, Kyuubey, stop trolling.

No, Kyuubey, I’m sure we’ll be fine even if you didn’t come over to this planet. And I’m sure we won’t be living in caves still.

"I never knew you were into yuri, Homura-chan!"

Madoka learns the truth about Homura and her time travelling. Homura assures her that she’ll beat Walpurgis Night by herself (which is obviously impossible).

And an epic battle between Homura and Walpurgis Night happens, with Homura doing things like:

1. Launching over 100 rocket missiles at Walpurgis Night at once
2. Controlling trucks that explode on contact
3. Blowing up Walpurgis Night with an area bomb

And Walpurgis Night still survives. Damn, she’s good.

Madoka knows that Homura’s obviously in trouble and goes off to save her. Madoka’s mom comes to talk to Madoka. Awesome mom is awesome mom.

But Madoka’s mom still let Madoka run off to save Homura.

And Homura survived getting hit by a building, that’s awesome. Yes, she does have some hack body that can withstand damage, but getting hit by a building’s like…wow. Gotta hurt alot.

Homura begins to see the despair of not being able to save Madoka’s fate. And just as she was about to go into Sayaka-style witch mode…

Madoka comes over and tell her she’s turning into a Puella Magi.

Seriously, what trolls. D<

Next episode:

I hope for a good ending.

Now to watch Madoka 12.

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