The World God Only Knows II – 02

Keima’s date with Kusunoki begins! And Keima er…still is getting hit.

Seriously, I wonder how Keima takes all that hitting.

Keima’s “date” with Kusunoki’s pretty much included…

As expected, you can't beat Keima in anything game related!

A trip to the arcade…

Seriously, what kind of name's Porkrasche!?

And a movie, among other things.

Kusunoki still isn’t satisfied despite all those “weak” things she’s done with Keima since it hasn’t forced out her feminine self.

The ultimate act of weakness.

Not until she saw this.

Keima’s expression when Kusunoki asked him to do that with her was LOLLOL. And Kusunoki’s expression was awesome as well. :3

As expected, Kusunoki’s feminine side gets forced out and Kusunoki starts battling her feminine side. Looked kinda weird to me.

Anyway, it was kinda a deadlock until Keima came in to intervene.

Keima’s going to try his awesome skill of counseling girls.

This earns him:

Another punch from Kusunoki.

And hair-pulling from Kusunoki’s feminine side.

Apparently Keima’s speech failed badly.

Incurring the wrath of TWO Kusunokis now, Keima?

Pissing off TWO Kusunokis is suicide, Keima.

The two manage to come to an agreement somehow with Kusunoki’s feminine side deciding to back off for now and Kusunoki somehow accepting her feminine side. Yeah, happy ending.

Kusunoki’s feminine side’s pretty awesome. xD

The kiss sealed the deal and the loose soul got purged out of Kusunoki’s body and was captured by Elsie.

And the episode ends with Kusunoki training hard and uh…hugging a cat.

A pretty nice ending to the Kusunoki arc, if I must say so myself. Well, from the events of the anime, what we should be expecting for the next episode should be:

Next episode:

OMG yes, Hakua. <3

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