Denpa Onna – 02

Erio’s just this cute.

Seriously, I’ve no idea what to write for Denpa Onna 02. It’s not really a writer’s block, it’s more of like, there’s not much story development (save for the last few minutes) so I can’t really write much anyway.

Instead, enjoy all the Makoto/Erio/Random classmates of Makoto pictures!

Ahhh, Makoto goodness. It’s like he’s cynical, and yet not cynical. Strange.

Oh, even Erio goes the headtilt. Goddammit, SHAFT. xD

You simply gotta love Makoto now. I can’t tell if he’s cynical anymore.

Sparkle sparkle! Erio doesn’t need anyone to make her sparkle!

Erio with her mouth wide open’s pretty moe, too!

Erio’s sparkling even more.

And the focus changes to another girl. But hey hey Makoto, how’s this erotic? D<

What in the world are you doing, Makoto!

And we’re back to Erio. Moe goodness, mmhm.

Damn you, Makoto and your replies, you’re good!

Cute, but nowhere as cute as Erio!

Oh god, Makoto you pervert. But Erio’s more fantastic!

Kicking the dog Erio.

Wahhh Erio’s getting kicked. But the sounds she gives out, MOE! >.<

真君、酷い! xD

Just in case you couldn’t read the kanji, I was saying that Makoto-kun’s terrible. xD

Lucky Makoto. Lucky Erio. Unlucky me (who doesn’t get such a situation in real life with a moe girl like Erio).

I’m running outta words to describe how moe Erio is.


Makoto saving Erio from drowning? Lucky bastard. D<

Oh, and Erio's moe expressionnnnn.

Hahaha, seriously? And Erio said it in English too~

This anime's now renamed to Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko to Sandoichi Onna

Hahaha I ROFL-ed so hard at this scene.

Makoto did all the talking for me. :3

And we get some Ami-chan Meme-san at the last few minutes of the episode.

Erio obviously crashed afterwards and ended up in a hospital. And after that incident she started wrapping herself in a futon.

It’s also revealed that Erio’s lost her memory (which isn’t a surprise actually because it’s actually in the anime sypnosis) and that she’s cooking up the story of being an alien in order to escape from the fact that she lost her memories.

This riles up Makoto and er…the episode ends, I guess?

It’s actually kinda sad if you think about it.

Just in case you’re thinking “Hey, 2 – 1 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 doesn’t give you -4, it gives you 6, there’s something wrong with this counting!”, remember that last week Makoto had -10 points, so (-10 + 6 = -4), and thus the -4 that you see this episode.

Refer here if you don’t believe me.

Next episode:

I totally love the episode names.

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