Hanasaku Iroha – 04

Oh yeah, we finally see the girls in seifuku!

Minko looks awesome with her hair let down, she’s quite the beauty. Ohana’s…the same, but hey, she looks cuter!

Nako’s on a whole level with her twin tails and zettai ryouiki. <3

While waiting for the train to arrive, Ohana starts to have a flashback about her ohanami with Kouichi back in the days in Tokyo.

Ko-chan’s quite the sweet guy.

Anyway, the girls get to school. YES SCHOOL LIFE. <3

Ohana’s taking a step too far with her wish to be in the same class as Nako.

Hahaha I LOL-ed at this part. I like how the teacher remembered Ohana’s name by the flower (flower’s hana in Japanese) decorations.

Ohana’s introduced to her class and lo and behold, Minko’s in her class! I don’t see Nako, though. DDDD:

Hey hey Ohana, wanna join my Light Music club?

Oh, hi there, Ritsu.

Minko’s quite the popular girl in school. Long haired bishoujo ftw.

Now where did this picture of hime Minko come from? xD

Giving free hugs!

Oh yeaaaaah, Yuina! <3

Her Kansai-ben was pretty funny. Haruka Tomatsu makes Yuina sound so awesome!

Let’s see her try out some other dialect next time! :D

Not like I can understand the dialect, but still!

Oh, Yuina’s the successor to the Fukuya hot springs inn, a rival inn to Kissuiso. Doesn’t look like it? I guess so.

Shhh Ohana, you don't want people to find us doing these things here!

Ohana and Nako happens to overhear a conversation between Minko and one of her admirers.

It should be noted that the admirer got shot down pretty badly. Poor guy.

Back at the inn…

Tomoe’s feeling rather down over the lack of men in her life.

And Tomoe devises a plot to ruin Minko’s reputation. ._____.

Ohana and Nako try to stop Tomoe.

Ohana can’t take the pressure by Tomoe. :3

“Ko-chan isn’t really…” Yeah right.

Minko blushing when Tohru touches her hands to teach her how to skewer the stuff. Oh, Minko…

Ohana’s pulling her hair thinking of the reply message to Kouichi.

But wait, what’re you doing there, Nako? o_O

Ohana and Nako decide to go on a walk. Nako brings Ohana over to the temple where she prays.

If this is how the BonBori Festival looks, it must be really pretty. All the lights~

Oh yes, Nakochi! :D

Nakochi talks about how her nickname for Minko came about.

LOL at the notebook. Nako and Minko seem to like to take note of things on their little notebooks…

It’s kinda cute in my opinion.

Nako wanted to say Minchan but ended up cutting it to become Minchi. So now we know where the nickname came from.

Nako’s cries of desperation were awesome. I’m sorry Nako, but they sounded moe! xD

Nako’s face when she found out that Minko accepted her nickname = win.

SO MOE. <3

Ohana meets Minko at the bath. To break the ice, Ohana decides to talk to Minko about Tohru.

Which would have been a good idea had Ohana decided not to talk about Tohru’s bad points. Which pissed off Minko.

Lesson of the day: Never talk about anything bad about Tohru in front of Minko.

Minko decides to ignore Ohana possibly forever.

Ohana runs after Minko one day to apologize to her.

Die, you balut! D<

Minko’s obviously not happy with Ohana.

Let's Party!

And that’s when Minko notices Yuina together with Tohru. Oh no.

Minko runs away, with Ohana trying to chase her. Oh, and the heron blocks Ohana.

Next episode:

Poor Minko, I feel very sad for her. ;_;

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