One week to exams, and I find time to go down to Kinokuniya to buy manga. Talk about proper time management. xD

I brought only $20 today, so I couldn’t really buy much. Oh well, it was another good experience in Kino! :D

Hanasaku Iroha vol. 1, get!

The main reason why I went to Kinokuniya today: the Hanasaku Iroha manga.

I haven’t actually read through the manga, but just by glancing over it I can see that the first volume probably covers up to episode 3. That is, the episode with hot Nako HNGGGGG.

Actually, I’ve yet to properly finish a manga volume. I feel so ashamed at myself.

The small sleeve at the base of the manga feels so awesome I don’t wanna remove it. Normally I would remove it, but no, I’m keeping it!

I saw quite a few other manga that I wanted to buy. There was Infinite Stratos vol. 2, with Cecilia on the cover. <3

And then there was the Nichijou manga. Damn, after watching it with Chee Seng I'm like, totally hooked onto the show. I love Mai-chan now, TROLOLOL.

Plus they were giving out Nichijou badges with every purchase. What reason not to buy? :D

As such, I'll probably go back to Kinokuniya tomorrow to buy Nichijou vol. 1. I'll get the Sakamoto-san badge! :D

Damn, I probably would've enough money to buy the Nichijou manga had I not spent the $10 earlier taking a taxi to school. And I was late on top of that. Thankfully it was waived off 'cause alot of other people were late too (at least, I hope it was waived off -prays-).

Took a short walk to 313@Somerset. Went to check out the HMV at the fourth floor. It was awesomely big, and I went over to the headphones section to see if they had the headphones Ohana wore in Hanasaku Iroha. Yes, I'm a devout fan. :D

Turns out that it costed $90. -dejected-

I hope the price of the headphones was jacked up by HMV, since the stuff they sell there's pretty expensive. Maybe the real price's only around $50? I hope it's around $40.

But then again, if it's around $60, I might as well fork out a bit more and get the audio technica headphones. I love their design. And their red colored headphones are so awesomely sexy.

Checked out the J-Pop section as well. I was happy actually, saw this huge section of J-Pop stuff. It was like, four shelves, each with four rows. So sixteen rows altogether. I was pretty excited until I realised that there wasn't any albums on:

-Horie Yui
-Kawada Mami
-Kotobuki Minako
-Mizuki Nana
-Tomatsu Haruka
-Toyosaki Aki

Super sad that I didn't see them on the shelves. Oh well, at least I saw CHEMISTRY, Rie fu, SCANDAL, supercell, among others.

I looked at the price tag for "Today is a Beautiful Day", supercell's first album. Price tag read $71. That's ridiculous. The album isn't even the CD+DVD limited edition, and it costs over $70. Heck, I can probably get the album for $45 over at yesasia or

HMV pricing's so high. ;_;

That leads me to believe that the headphones I saw aren't actually priced at $90. I pray for a $45 price tag. Sounds a bit ambitious, but if the headphones are anything more than $50, I'm going for audio technica instead.

Alright, ending the post here. Homework's catching up with me.

Nichijou 01 tomorrow! D<

Oh, and I'll probably make the KamiNomi II – 03 post tomorrow. The prospect of watching Haqua's tempting, but I'm too tired to make a proper post. Plus homework. Argh.

2 thoughts on “Bookshopped.

  1. 16-1

    I listened to “Today is a Beautiful Day”. It was a good album but definitely not worth the $71. You could torrent it, just saying…

    Can’t wait for your Nichijou post.

  2. thatredsky Post author

    Oh, yes. I’ve torrented it. But see, it was such a good album I just felt like supporting supercell for it.

    But yeah, I agree, not worth the $71.


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