Back to Kinokuniya for the second time in the week. I need to curb this urge to go there to admire the book collection there.

Really, I can’t believe I actually went to Kinokuniya twice in a week. And on the week before exams, nonetheless. Talk about priority.

Oh yeah, anime and manga takes precedence over homework. Nevermind that.


Finally got my Nichijou vol. 1 today. Woots.

I’m sorry if the photo turns out a bit weird (like it’s bright at some parts). I had to use the camera flash in order to remove my shadows. Sigh, that’s what happens when you take photos at night. ):


And here’s the postcard I got as a gift for buying one of the Nichijou series. Sakamoto’s so cute. :D

Nichijou vol.1 + Sakamoto-san postcard!

The Nichijou manga + the postcard. Heh.

Okay, that’s the Nichijou post done. I would want to write more, but I’ve homework piling up. I have to finish two sets of presentation slides along with my English project proposal in three hours. I wonder how I’m going to do that.

Madoka bless me.

Seriously, I need to stop going to Kinokuniya. I already feel the urge to go there tomorrow and pick up a copy of Infinite Stratos vol. 2.

Madoka bless me again.

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