Denpa Onna – 03

Denpa Onna just gets better and better. And Erio just gets cuter and cuter. <3

I’ll split the episode into roughly three parts for this post.

Makoto with Ryuuko and Maekawa

Makoto and his “date” with Ryuuko. Ryuuko takes Makoto on a tour around the city. Ryuuko’s cute, but still not as cute as Erio! D<

Then comes the short conversation between Makoto and Maekawa. Nothing much here, except LOLs when Maekawa hit the crossbar of the swing.

Makoto ponders about Erio and her problems.

Makoto and Meme

This is where the interesting parts come in.

Meme’s too awesome.

Meme tries to uh…distract Makoto as he talks about Erio. Oh, Meme, you…

Oh no, Meme’s been influenced by Erio.

Oh, Meme, stop messing about with Makoto (and our) minds!

Meme’s too awesome, dammit.

Time to get serious, though. Meme warns Makoto about getting involved with Erio.

I can see how Erio came about now.

Mmhm tasty blood.

Oh LOLLOL reminds me of Amagami (アマガミ).

Makoto apparently tried to sniff his pillow for traces of Meme’s scent but…got caught by her. Makoto faillll. :3

Okay, that ends the Makoto and Meme part.

Makoto and Erio

Makoto thinks about the cause and reason behind Erio’s behavior, along with ways to save her.


Omg yeah Index reference!

And I'll break a bone with you, yeah.

Obviously Makoto didn’t listen to Meme.

Makoto makes a deal with Erio where she must become a human if she (and Makoto) cannot fly. It’s pretty obvious they both can’t fly. .________.

Yeah Erio! <3

Oh damn, the “The Girl who Leapt through Time (Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo)” reference was perfect. Riding a bicycle down a slope? Check. Brakes don’t work? Check. Accelerating towards something which can possibly kill you? Check.

Luckily both of them dropped into the sea. With Erio obviously upset that her illusions have been crushed by Touma Makoto’s actions.

Erio goes through a personality change and becomes more snarky. I wouldn’t say it’s bad, though.

And…we’re done with Denpa Onna 03.

Another refreshing episode, I loved the references made although the first half of the episode was abit…meh.

But it was redeemed by the next half of the episode with awesome MILF aunt and cute Erio! :D

“I Can Not fly +5” ROFL.

Next episode:

Yeah, that’s probably going to happen if you fly from the cliff into the sea.

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