The World God Only Knows II – 03

Oh yeaaaah, it’s Haqua. <3

There’s nothing much covered in this episode except for the expository that Haqua gives to Keima about the New and Old Hell issue. Which I doubt anyone would want me to write it out here for explanation.

Just an indication that things are going to get a whole lot more serious from now on.

For now, let’s enjoy the Haqua arc!

I like how Haqua says that with such a serious look on her face. :D

Picking a fight with the wrong person again eh, Keima?

I’m now thinking that any character Hiro Shimono plays happens to be a gag character.

Turns out that Haqua isn’t as awesome as she says she is. After all, she did let the loose soul escape…

Which looks like this.

Holy shit, what happened to the relatively cute loose souls? This one looks like…some Rinne that escaped from Shana’s world. Or maybe like the AIM Burst from Railgun (oh, but Misaka destroyed it in the end).

Anyway, this post’s pretty short. Like I said, most of the episode’s focused on introducing Haqua (Saori Hayami ftw) and her traits.

Plus, I wanna focus more on my Denpa Onna 03 post. WordPress’ currently screwing up for me, so I guess I’ll have to postpone it to tomorrow.

On a side note, I only found out today that Saori Hayami’s only 19! I always thought she was in her early twenties (like maybe 23 or so)…

Anyway, Saori Hayami ftw.

Oh, I almost forgot about the episode preview.

Next episode:

Maybe we’ll get to see Haqua’s capturing skills! :D

Oh, and the fanart’s pretty good this week.

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