Hidan no Aria – 03

Kinji, Aria and a uh…stuffed lion/whateverthatis?

I’m currently thinking of what to write for this episode. There’s really nothing worth for me to write in this episode, since there wasn’t much action. Heck, there wasn’t even anything exciting about the bus-jack that came in at like, 8 minutes into the show.

What we see in this episode:

Riko giving Kinji a coupon for arcade coins which she took out of her bra. Seriously, what?

Kinji snagging two stuffed animals at once. Seriously, this situation’s impossible in real life.

And the aforementioned bus-jack incident. Which I thought wasn’t as interesting as the incident in episode 1.

I’m more interested in the issues that Aria have. She doesn’t have much time left? Does she have like, some terminal disease or maybe she has to fulfill some promise within a time limit (like getting a partner or something)?

Sad to see that Kinji didn’t activate his ability, but oh well.

Oh, and the sniper was awesome. Sniping the bomb off the bus? Pretty impossible in real life, but still awesome nevertheless.

Next episode:

We might just get a flashback from Aria next week! I hope next week’s Hidan no Aria’ll be better. ><

4 thoughts on “Hidan no Aria – 03

  1. 16-1

    I too was not impressed by that bus-jacking incident. I thought it was interesting how the male lead (who’s name I don’t remember) was stuck in some twisted bicycle trap in the pilot. But then, the creators decided to deviate from that and re-enact Speed.

    Also, I hate Rie’s loli-voice.

    1. thatredsky Post author

      What twisted bicycle trap? o_O

      Kugimin’s loli voice isn’t really an issue for me, she can pull it off really good when she wants to (although it mostly ends up being annoying in the end).

      It’s like Eri Kitamura’s voice, it’s great when the characters aren’t shouting around the place.

  2. 16-1

    In the opening scene of the series, the male lead (still don’t know his name) was on a bicycle being chased by a Segway+Uzi. If he tried to escape, he would get shot. If he went too slow, he would get shot. If he called for help, he would get shot. Well, I thought it was twisted.

    As for Kugimin’s voice, the only loli role where I could tolerate her voice was Taiga (regardless if she was screaming or not). Perhaps, it’s just my general dislike of the lolita complex in general.


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