Hanasaku Iroha – 05

Oh dear, Minko’s feeling down.

The pace of the series has started to slow down with this episode. The story this episode focuses more on Minko and Tohru’s past.

It turns out that Tohru’s the one who made working in Kissuiso as a chef helper possible for Minko.

Oh look, we’ve another information broker in the inn! Hey Tomoe, you’ve a partner!

Our dear erotica-turned-detective novelist has let our three girls (Ohana, Nako and Minko) along with Tomoe on a secret: apparently Tohru’s leaving for Fukuya after having been scouted.

Everyone believes him because they recognize Tohru’s talent in the kitchen. Especially Minko, who’s been working him for so long.

Under some spurring from Tomoe, Ohana goes to uh…cheer Minko up.

No wait, I’m sure that’s not how you console people, Ohana!

Okay, Ohana was totally asking for that. ._________.

Ohana bumps into her uncle who has her search around for lanterns for the BonBori festival (remember last episode?). Ohana gets one of the lanterns and looks for Minko once again to go over to Fukuya Inn and get Tohru back.

Minko…refuses because she thinks that Tohru’ll have a better future at Fukuya and that there’s no point getting him to come back.

That doesn’t stop Ohana from recklessly running over to Fukuya and making a scene there.

To which she finds out that Tohru had gone back to Kissuiso. Yuina’s left to explain the bits to Ohana.

Oh god, Yuina’s too awesome. Just gotta love her. <3

So Tohru was merely working there in-lieu of a chef who had fallen sick. Ah, that makes things so clear now.

Ohana takes a walk with Minko and Nako at the end.

Oh, and Ohana finally got her message to Kouichi written. Well, at least she replied…

The pace of the series, like what I've mentioned earlier, felt kinda slower this episode. It's like it was just Ohana pushing Minko to chase after Tohru. Pretty sad there wasn't many Nako scenes, but oh well. We'll probably see more of her next episode.

Also, damn, Yuina's too awesome, I need her in every episode from now on. D<

Next episode:

Back to the girls in seifuku! <3

Also, the episode title’s done in English (the title isn’t subbed)! :D

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