Denpa Onna – 04

That's what you get for not executing a proper landing.

Figures as much, Makoto.

Hurr, Makoto so manly.

Okay, so Makoto has landed himself in hospital while Erio’s at home…fine. Which is weird given that both of them flew from the bicycle into the sea. And Erio seemed to be flying higher than Makoto. o____O

Oh well, maybe she made a proper landing and escaped getting her right arm crushed. That should teach you something, Makoto.

Looks like his manliness has attracted Meme www.

Hahaha Maekawa you always crack me up with those ridiculous outfits that you wear.

Oh god Maekawa your logic’s awesome. And the look on Ryuuko’s face. <3

So one week later Makoto gets discharged and goes home.

And opens the fridge door.

And finds someone lying in the fridge. Oh god.

Oh wait, that’s just Meme.

DAMMIT MILF aunt. <3

Ahhh Touwa gets more cute each episode.

Ahhh sparkle sparkle.

You just gotta love the anime references (I haven’t watched 5 centimeters per second, though).

And the scene’s just so awesome. Don’t ask me why.

And just to uh…use up the remaining few minutes…


Is that an egg or something?

I think Meme just sucked out all his puberty points. <3

MILF aunt. D<

Next episode:

Meme’s birthday next week!

4 thoughts on “Denpa Onna – 04

  1. 16-1

    I am a huge fan Shinbou’s recent works (e.g. Madoka and Bakemonogatari). I stopped watching anime from about Spring2006-Summer2010, and Shinbou is the reason why I jumped back into the loop.

    While I love the show, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get the full experience. My Japanese is very poor, and the subs will never do the show justice. But even so, I’m loving this show.

  2. thatredsky Post author

    What do you mean by “the subs will never do the show justice”? The subs are bad or…what?

    My Japanese isn’t very good either, btw :x

  3. 16-1

    Sometimes, the wit and humor of jokes are simply lost when switching from one language to another. Until I improve my Japanese, I feel like I’m missing 10% of the humor simply because there are things are you can’t translate between languages.

    For example: Bakemonogatari employs a lot of word play (or so I have been told). Things like the title I understand. However when you start employing that within a conversation, I might not be skilled enough to pick up most of those jokes. One of those jokes was the radio station call-ins. I simply didn’t understand it.

    tl;dr – Subs are fine, but things will always get lost in translation.

  4. thatredsky Post author

    Well, translation notes help make things better, but I guess you’re right.

    I feel like I’m missing on the true enjoyment of anime simply because I can’t watch it raw. ):


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