Hidan no Aria – 04

It’s going to be a sad episode.

The pacing of this episode went from relaxing to ridiculously fast in a span of a few minutes. Ouch.

I'm pretty sure it's not going to help much, Aria.

We’ve Aria visiting her mom in the first half of the episode. Apparently her mom was framed for a Butei-Killer incident. And Aria’s out to prove her innocent.

Kanae (that’s Aria’s mom) warns Aria about taking E.U. alone. I wonder what E.U. means. I hope it doesn’t mean EUcliwood Heliscythe, LOLLLLL.

Next few minutes are spent on Riko seducing Kinji while giving him info on the Butei-Killer.

Kinji enters Hysteria mode because of all that seduction and it’s finally clear to him that Aria’s being targeted by the Butei-Killer. Wait, where did that come from?

Kinji enters the plane successfully and it’s revealed to us that Aria’s actually scared of thunder— hang on, that’s not very relevant.

And the Butei-Killer fires some shots and makes a direct challenge to Aria to come to the bar on the first floor.

Guess who’s the killer?


Turns out to be Riko. From here on the pace goes super fast, with Riko proclaiming that she’s the great-granddaughter of Arsene Lupin (that’s the legendary thief). Apparently Aria’s the descendent of Sherlock Holmes. Then what makes Kinji? Descendent of John Watson?

Oh, and apparently Riko was the one responsible for killing Kinji’s brother and was his brother’s lover. Which really pisses Kinji.

Riko and Aria proceed to fight out a gun fight. Even though it’s a gun fight, at such close range with bulletproof uniform the fight’s pretty much a melee fight.

Hey, guess what, Riko has prehensile hair!

Which catches Aria off-guard, giving Riko a chance to shoot her in the chest. That must have hurt ALOT.

All this happened in about… 5 minutes? Barely had time to register the events in my mind.

All I thought was, “Holy crap.”

Next episode

I so wanna see what happens to Riko.

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