The World God Only Knows II – 04

I’m sorry Haqua, but Elsie takes the spotlight for your arc this time round.

So what we have in this episode is just a continuation of the previous one, with Haqua feeling inferior to Elsie and whatnot.

This time Elsie does the awesome speech to fill the emptiness of Haqua’s heart instead of Keima. We won’t be seeing that anymore for a long time, I guess.

Heh, come to think of it, Keima didn’t actually do much this episode. Save for dragging Elsie to help Haqua face the escaped soul.


Which earned him a thwack on the head.

Come to think of it (again), Keima did have a role this episode: to be the punchbag of everyone.

Elsie’s just so…cute when she’s mad. It’s like she throws these jealous tantrums and pouts and hits Keima and…

Hey, no doodling on the floor! D<

…draws fire engines on the floor with crayons. Wait, where did she get the crayons!?

Guys, remember not to do this to your newly bought iPad 2.

And it seems like all demons on the capturing team have this sort of…thingy that looks like an iPad. Hehe.

I hope that thing wasn’t electronic, crying on it would’ve screwed it up in one way or another.

Okay, so after Haqua gets controlled by the escaped loose soul which took advantage of the emptiness in Haqua’s heart, it’s Elsie’s turn to shine by providing that awesome speech which released Haqua from the soul’s control. Thank god Elsie didn’t have to kiss Haqua or anything. ><

Honestly, the people being controlled by the loose soul reminds me of the zombies in HoTD. Save for the biting of the necks and whatnot.

But Elsie manages to capture the loose soul with the help of Haqua. Loose soul get!

And the Haqua arc ends.

I had a weird feeling when watching the arc. Maybe it’s because of the pacing. Someone told it the pacing was horrible. I don’t really know.

But after this’ over, hopefully we’ll get the Nagase Jun arc. I WANT AKI-CHAN. D<

Next episode:

I can’t tell from the title whether it’s going to be Jun’s turn next… ;_;

Oh and, the fanart looks good. Yumyum. <3

One thought on “The World God Only Knows II – 04

  1. 16-1

    I have an unusual feeling about this show. I loved the first season so much that I decided to read the manga (my first one ever at that). I fell in love with that, and now I’m caught up with the story.

    But now, I feel upset watching the anime version. It has the same charm as the first season, but it never lives up to the manga. I feel like I just spoiled the series for myself by doing that.


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