Hanasaku Iroha – 06

We need to see more of such smiles. Such a darling smile. <3

This episode deals with the issue of Kissuiso’s decline. Apparently they haven’t been getting many customers nowadays.

And I wonder why.

But before that, paycheck time!

Ohana’s overjoyed at her paycheck of 20,000 yen. That’s more than twice the amount she receives at home. Seriously, 8000 yen per month? How the heck does she survive on that?

Okay maybe I’m not one to say I think I get even less per month. But at least I don’t have to cook my own dinner and buy my own groceries.

So Enishi (that’s Ohana’s uncle in case you forgot) has gotten a management consultant named Kawajiri Takako to come in to help Kissuiso attract more customers.

I think Takako had Kissuiso mixed up with some seedy night bar somewhere else. Those outfits are so skimpy, how the heck does it fit in with Kissuiso’s theme!?

No wonder the Madam Manager didn’t seem to like Takako.

Bad idea, Ohana. Bad idea.

I LOL’d at the expressions on Tomoe and Nako’s face when Ohana picked up the Chinese dress.

The idea’s so going to fail, I can foresee this.

HNGGGGGG Ohana and Nako.


-nosebleeding forms a pool on the floor- THAT BOIN. D<

Okay fine, they look pretty good in those dresses. But the outfits make them look like bar hostesses now. .________________.

Poor Nako seems disillusioned and traumatized by this. -glares at Takako-

Yeah the plan obviously failed. Enishi is upset about it. Takako is sent off by the Madam Manager for being utterly useless.

LOL at Yuina giving Ohana the suggestion of lengthening the silts on the Chinese dress (as if it’s not long enough :/). Even more LOL at Ohana taking the suggestion seriously and presenting it to the Madam Manager.

Beanman shows Ohana a room filled with outfits which prompts Ohana to wear those to serve customers. Along with Nako.

These look MUCH better than the Chinese dresses, thank you. HNGGGG Nako so cute. <3

And a whole lot cuter, too. Apparently the Madam Manager first wore these outfits when she was serving customers in Kissuiso.

And finally, LOL at Tohru and his perverted look. LOL at Ren’s reaction when he saw that too. <3

Next episode:

Wait, what? Soldiers in Kissuiso?

Ohana and Nako’s reactions are exactly the same as mine when I saw the soldiers.

I wonder what Nako’s so afraid of. A whole pot of taro, perhaps?

"All Quiet on the Kissui Front"

The title’s just so gripping. <3

4 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha – 06

  1. thatredsky Post author

    Think the facial expressions in Hanasaku Iroha are hilarious? Watch the ones in Nichijou, they’re epic funny. :D

    There’s absolutely no reason not to love Hanasaku Iroha! :D


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