Denpa Onna – 05

Uh oh, looks like Meme’s gotten into the middle-age range.

But seriously, I still can’t believe she’s only 39 40.

And apparently being 40 comes with a whole lot of emotions, too.


Uhhh, what’s this I don’t even—


And a split second of yanderism, holy shit.

Erio gives Meme her birthday present which turned out to be dumplings. Looks like Meme’s too broken to feel happy—

Ahhhh Meme you gotta love your daughter after this! <3

And since Meme remembered that she didn't celebrate Erio's birthday last year (bad Meme!), she announced the next day to be Erio's makeshift birthday.

And with Makoto left rather perplexed about the present to get for Erio, he decides to ask Ryuuko.

Damn, cute Ryuuko is cute Ryuuko. <3

And Maekawa— HAHAHAHA, still wearing that suit from last episode?

Makoto gets dumplings for Erio thanks to Maekawa’s suggestion. Seriously, dumplings again?

Makoto’s greeted by Erio and Meme both in twintails www.

Makoto do want!

Erio expresses her wish to get back to work and to society, and so the next day Makoto brings her to a hairdresser who’s apparently acquainted with Meme.

Yeah…you can tell. You can’t blame Makoto for that, I would do that if I had a MILF aunt like Meme! And his expression was priceless. :D


Apparently Erio got rejected because of her “reputation” (yeah, that futon-wrapping thing). Poor thing, looks like it’ll be very hard for her to get back into society.

Uncle Makoto, ROFL.

Feels very good, thank you.

Makoto you… -runs out of words-

Oh god what is this I don’t even—

I was trying to take this screencap such that it wouldn’t look wrong. But I guess it was kinda impossible, hehehe.

Ahhhh Erio getting raped by Meme. <3

Makoto brings Erio to some grandmother from Meme's introduction the next day for a job.

Yeah…you can totally tell why it’s the town of aliens.

Makes me wonder why the shopkeepers previously didn’t want to hire Erio. They’re probably as weird as Erio, for all we know. .__________.

So Meme has happiness points now? www

Apparently Meme counts them in denominations of 1,000,000. Which is pretty funny.

The “licking” part + 1,000,000 for Meme? HAHAHAHA. ;D

Poor Makoto, his puberty points are going down real fast. ):

Next episode

Looks like it’ll be a Ryuuko-centric episode next episode. I do wonder what’s the thing that’s making her gloomy…

2 thoughts on “Denpa Onna – 05

  1. 16-1

    This show is so awesome. As much as I love Meme and her antics, my gut tells me she has a couple drama-bombs coming up soon. Also, I wish there was more Maekawa in the show.


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