The World God Only Knows II – 05

Keima-style headdesk!

5 loose souls down, er…60,000 more to go!

Our next heroine is Kousaka Chihiro, a girl with seemingly nothing in particular. Keima’s anguished ’cause it’s hard to capture a girl with perfectly normal traits. So much for being a Capturing God, eh?

Or maybe he just doesn’t want to make himself capture Chihiro.

Nice Peanuts reference there, by the way.

Getting rejected after a confession would be something Keima can take advantage to capture her…

Apparently not. -Keima headdesk-

And after Keima gets countered by Chihiro’s harsh speech he loses all faith in the 3D world and gets into hikikimori mode.

Still remember me?

Until Ayumi appears in front of a Keima who collapsed due to hunger in the hallway. Yesss it’s Takahara Ayumi!

I can’t believe I actually forgot Taketatsu Ayana was actually voicing Ayumi in the show. -slaps himself-

I can’t believe that Chihiro’s voiced by Asumin either. Well the voice’s kinda recognizable towards the end of the episode (when Chihiro’s fangirling over hot guys), but still. That low voice!

Yeah, late KamiNomi II post. I actually forgot I hadn’t done this yet. ;_;

Next episode:

As usual, I can’t really tell anything from the title, but I’m willing to bet it’s something that allows Chihiro to be captured.

Hurry up and end the Chihiro arc I want my Nagase Jun arc (with Aki Toyosaki :D) ;_;

And the Haqua fanart was great. :D

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