Hanasaku Iroha – 07

We have a Tomoe-centric episode this time round!

The episode this time focuses more on Tomoe, who’s thinking of quitting her job as Kissuiso. She takes the chance when a bunch of customers who’re really active and enthusiastic about the whole “survival game” thing checks in at Kissuiso…

Basically, they’re a bunch of people trying to model soldiers with really realistic NERF guns.

Yeah, apparently these customers are perverts. Using sniper scopes for stalking? Ehhh…

Didn’t Nako say this last episode too? :D

Everyone loves Nako. :D

Tomoe’s just so good at grabbing chances. What Tomoe’s going to do is to create trouble for this bunch of customers such that they’ll never come back to Kissuiso again. Which’ll release Ohana and Nako from all that stress.

And it’ll also get her fired, which means she’s going to kill two birds with one stone.

God, Tomoe, you’re awesome.

One of her “plans” involve giving onigiri to the customers for dinner (I’m not sure how that’s going to piss them off though) made by Minko herself. Apparently it tastes awesome and they want more of it. Minko’s happy. That rare smile on Minko’s face!

"Oh, my God!", indeed.

After failing to take a peek at Ohana taking a bath the customers take another try… Too bad it was the wrong person.

Tomoe takes the chance to ambush them with her awesome water hose. <3

Apparently what it does is to make Ohana and Nako adore Tomoe even more. You gotta admit, Tomoe’s really awesome. :D

And despite all that “trouble” that Tomoe has created, apparently the customers are actually happy that Tomoe actually interacted with them and played along with them.

So she’s not going to get fired. Too bad, Tomoe, you’ll have to stay. :D


Now Ohana and Nako both want to call Tomoe “Tomoe nee-san”. Can’t deny that it sounds great.

Tomoe decides not to quit since she realizes that the job at Kissuiso’s actually perfect for her.

In the end, what we have is character development surrounding Tomoe. Which I found was good for a change, Tomoe’s crazy antics are what provides fun for the inn.

Next episode:

Kouichi's back!

Uh oh, looks like something happened to Ohana’s grandmother.

Looks like things’ll be getting serious in the next episode.

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