Hidan no Aria – 05

Wait, where's the main text? o_O

Oh my god, gg, why you torture us with the translation notes? ;_;

A translator’s note of a translator’s note? LOL.

Going on from where we left off last episode, with Aria getting shot directly in the chest by Riko.

Kinji administers some medicine of sorts to Aria which heals her. But since Kinji had to undress Aria to administer the medicine, it leads to some…misunderstandings.

Kinji activates Hysteria Mode and confronts Riko (or more like, Riko goes over to attack Aria and Kinji).

And through their awesome team battling skills they manage to defeat Riko.

Oh wait, Riko straps bombs to the side of the plane and escapes using her uniform as a parachute. What’s more amazing is that the bombs didn’t cause the entire plane to blow up as a result (which I’m sure would’ve been the case in real life). What’s even more amazing is that Riko actually found the time to fire two missiles at the engines. Assuming she even has the equipment to do so in the first place.

Butei are so awesome.

Aria manages to safely land the plane (with two broken engines) along with Kinji with help from all their butei friends. Apparently they all follow the Butei Charter Section 1 very closely.

Aria humbles herself to taking Kinji as her partner, only to have Kinji refute her again.

And then as Aria leaves on a helicopter, Kinji runs after the helicopter and says he wants to be her partner. For a moment I was actually hoping that Aria would leave for real and make Kinji regret not chasing her earlier.

Too bad she didn’t do that. Too bad she decided to jump out of the helicopter just like that.

Kinji takes Aria back to his apartment…only to have Shirayuki find out. Uh oh.

Next episode:

Poor Aria. We can probably guess who sent those…

5 thoughts on “Hidan no Aria – 05

  1. 16-1

    Also, just because the cabin is pressurized doesn’t necessarily mean the plane would blow up from explosives. The fact that she stood next to the bombs meant that they were probably low-level ordinances to create a breach (think of thermite or even small amounts of C4). Also, don’t forget that planes can survive a hit from SAMs and AA missles, which I’m sure have even more explosive power.

  2. thatredsky Post author

    Ahaha, I’m not very sure about explosives or planes (I just take it that an explosion like that would cause an explosion >.>).

    I love gg subs too, but they seem to be screwing up for Hidan no Aria. I mean, what’s with the random TL notes everywhere?

  3. 16-1

    Trolls be trolling. I actually thought that gg’s subs made the show a lot more entertaining. At this point, I probably would have dropped the show if gg hadn’t made the translations so fun.


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