Seiyuu Animedia June 2011

This. Is. Mine. D<

Finally, yeah! I have gotten me the June issue of Seiyuu Animedia! Whoooh.

Many thanks to Kevin who told me that there was a copy on sale in the Kinokuniya in Liang Court. Went there after script-checking today. I got 72% for Japanese this time. :D

Even though the magazine costs like, $33.60 SGD, I’m not going to complain or regret in any way.


This baby came with the issue. Such a cute face of Aki Toyosaki, I like! :D

And this is the back of the same file.

Pages and pages of Aki-chan~ <3

I think there're more pages, but I won't be uploading them since I've limited upload space (wish WordPress would give me unlimited upload space like Tumblr).

And there’re pages of sphere as well! This issue was totally worth the buy!

So many pages of sphere. <3

There was a Dog Days special as well, so we had pages filled with Ayana Taketatsu! :D

As well as pages with Nana Mizuki!

And who’s going to forget Yui Horie, who voiced Milhiore-hime? :D

But we didn’t have a special on Mamoru Miyano. D:

They had a special on Kanae Ito as well! She’s so darn cute. <3

Addicted to her songs now, btw. :D

Kana-tan as well! She looks freakin’ cute in that cheerleader’s outfit HNGGG. <3

A Jun Fukuyama special! I think he was the only male seiyuu featured. Or maybe I’m not looking hard enough.

And er…an Aya Hirano special. I would want to comment on her poses, but I guess I’ll leave that for another day. I wanna finish reading the magazine. :3

There are more sections in the magazine, but obviously I can’t put the pictures here (not that I would take them anyway; I’m too lazy :3).

So YESSSS, I’ve finally gotten this magazine. I can stop being so jumpy about it.

And I’m now off to read the magazine. :D

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