Denpa Onna – 06

Oh my god Ryuuko, you’re such a cutie.

Being a Ryuuko-centric episode, we would expect lots of Ryuuko this time round, ehehe.

Oh Ryuuko, you and your yellow helmet. owo

Ryuuko turned stalker? LOLLOL.

And er…wha– HAHAHAHA Meme.

Hai, mochi mochi sensei!

Meme is still…so awesome after 6 episodes.

Things get a little bit awkward between Ryuuko and Makoto after Ryuuko tells Makoto to steer clear of Erio since Erio’s being treated as an outcast.

And I can’t believe Ryuuko said that with a straight face.

Okay, enough of Ryuuko, let’s turn to Erio.

HNGGGG ERIO WITH BRAIDS. Hang on, aren’t those the same braids that Anaru had in AnoHana 05? :D

I love how Erio has some sort of troubles expressing herself. Makes her so moe. <3

The tension between Ryuuko and Makoto escalate further with Meme hinting to Makoto that Ryuuko has a crush on him…and it seems that Makoto caught on the hint. Cue lots of blushing from Ryuuko.

Oh dear, look at Makoto’s puberty points go down. :3

Next episode:

Looks like it’s Maekawa’s turn for an episode centered around her.

2 thoughts on “Denpa Onna – 06

  1. 16-1

    Halfway through the spring, this show is still on my top three of the season. I love the conversations and chemistry between the characters, but Ryuushi’s antics and mannerisms still annoy me.

    On another note, I think the braids look more like those of Homura from Madoka Magica (Episode 10).

  2. thatredsky Post author

    Hmm, I wonder why Ryuushi’s so annoying. Is it because it’s Kyuubey? :DD


    And I guess they do look like the ones Homura had back in episode 10 of Madoka Magica.


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