Hidan no Aria – 06

Kinji’s life will never have peace again…

Shirayuki finds out about Aria staying with Kinji so Shirayuki turns on her yandere mode and starts attacking Aria.

It’s revealed that Shirayuki has some sort of esper ability that allows her to predict the path of bullets or something. It’s kinda cool anyway.

Aisa has a friend now (Index reference lol)!

Shirayuki’s now reproaching herself since she thinks that Kinji’s been er…brainwashed by Aria (which is obviously not the case).

And the subs (by gg) LOLLLLLLLL.

Ahahaha gg subs makes Aria so much interesting (although the TL notes are kinda annoying).

Aria obviously denies this, saying that Kinji’s her slave.

Shirayuki’s momentarily stunned.

Apparently Shirayuki took it the other way, hahaha.

Shirayuki’s awesome now. :D

"I'm sorry Shirayuki, we two have kissed back in episode 5."

Uh oh.

Aria, I don’t think you’re helping things here.

Shirayuki blanks out from all that shock. Poor thing.

Shirayuki is summoned to see her teacher back at school and her teacher suggests that she gets herself bodyguards to protect herself from Durendal, the Choutei kidnapper. Aria offers herself to be Shirayuki’s bodyguard, along with Kinji.

Wait wait wait, why’s the teacher smoking in the teacher faculty room? o_O

And…Kinji gets another girl into his dormitory orz.

Next episode

More Shirayuki!

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