Hanasaku Iroha – 08


Yuina’s…awesome as always. Okinawan dialect this time, eh?

Bad idea, dude, bad idea.

The inn’s falling into a slump as the weekend comes. Me wonder why that’s the case but…

Ohana hears about some ranking thingy for inns so she gets rather excited about Kissuiso getting a high ranking. And proceeds to come up with plans should Kissuiso get a large number of customers (and get a high ranking, see the logic?)…

Includes an onsen

A meal after the onsen

And playing of Old Maid. Uh…seriously?

Ko-chan! Apparently he’s going to visit Ohana. :D

It does come off as a little untimely though, as the inn does get a considerable load of customers. Add that to the fact that the Madam Manager happened to fall ill at that time, so the inn’s really shorthanded.

And it doesn’t help that Takako’s suggesting horrible ideas like favouritism to certain groups of customers who look like they’re here for the ranking (which may explain the unusual load of customers).


Takako’s pressure on Ren’s getting to him. Looks like he’s cracking under all that pressure. Apparently he can’t take pressure well. >.>

Well, at least it’s comforting to know that Ohana has the basic common sense to NOT follow Takako’s ideas.

Sometimes you’ve to wonder where Takako got that business degree of hers.

Ohana courier service, fastest you can find!

Ohana gets Nako back to help and borrows her bicycle to get Tohru back from that wedding that he’s attending.

To which Ohana realizes that she doesn’t know the exact location of Tohru. Should serve a lesson not to run out of the inn without affirming your destination. :P

Tension builds up as Ohana searches all wedding rooms for Tohru!

Next episode:

What…are you doing, Jiroumaru? o___O

The busiest day of Kissuiso? Sounds like a great episode.

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