Hanasaku Iroha – 09

Everyone welcoming back Madam Manager at the end of the episode was a really touching scene. Coupled with “Hazy” being intro-ed, it felt really touching (even though I don’t suppose it was that touching).

A pretty solid episode, with the first half of the episode filled with scenes of Ohana running everywhere looking for Tohru. With a little bit of encouragement from Ko, she finally finds him.

One thing I just didn’t like was how they made Ko into such a minor character. Seriously Ko, is giving encouragement the only thing you can do for Ohana? Bleh, I wish they had made Ko give Ohana a surprise by going to stay in Kissuiso…

At least Ohana got Tohru back. -shrug-

But Ohana did muck up a lot…

Yeah, like this. >.>

And…this one as well. Ouch.

And we got a few scenes of Nako and her stern look! Amazing, ehehe. -turns on M-mode-

And er…Jiroumaru dancing. Seriously, wtf, that’s going to get negative reviews, if any! D<

We got a little hint towards the end where it's hinted that the customers which Ohana served were there for the ranking. Treating every customer equally is clearly the way to go! 女将さんなんです!喜翆荘なんです!

Not like you, Takako. D<

And Madam Manager's back! Finally, an end to Takako and her horrible ideas. I'm starting to like the Madam Manager. :D

Next episode:

Uh oh, looks like it’s now Ohana’s turn to fall sick.

Hurr, a teaser for the Ohana x Tohru pairing? :/

I wonder what Minko’s reaction would be…

Hopefully it’s as the title says: slight fever. >.<

4 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha – 09

  1. 16-1

    These past two episodes feel more like the original first three episodes, which I want so much. Even if not much happened, it’s nice to see the plot again dealing with the Ohana and Ko (and a little Tohru too). Since the series is two-cour, I just hope the series can pace itself properly.

    On a side note, Jiroumaru is useless and Takako is annoying (yet both are still kinda amusing). I don’t know what is with this season, but I’m really hating on side characters a lot more.

    1. Lloyd Waver

      I’ve no idea why they made Takako just plain annoying. Even the staff hate her. Her lipstick and terrible English speech, can’t stand it. D:

      1. thatredsky Post author

        Exactly, my sentiments exactly.

        Although her English speech is probably attributed to the seiyuu that’s voicing her. Since you know, Japanese have this kind of accent when pronouncing English words (no offense).

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