The World God Only Knows II – 07

It’s amazing how Keima can take all those hits by Chihiro and her umbrella.

The Chihiro arc continues in this week’s episode. Oh, when’ll I have my Jun arc? DDD:

Anyway, we had a really long walk to school, courtesy of Chihiro…

Yeah okay, making funny faces at the cat. ROFL.

I LOL’d when I saw the Nikuman poster. Reminds me of Miya. And Miya was voiced by the same seiyuu as Chihiro (Asumi Kana)! How ingenious of the KamiNomi crew. D<

And Chihiro offers one nikuman to Keima.

I’m sure that’s not how you eat a meat bun, Keima.

Keima’s annoyed at how Chihiro doesn’t seem to be serious about all this. Chihiro runs away and Keima goes all emo ’cause he failed.

Keima chases after Chihiro, realizing that the problem all along was Chihiro’s self-confidence.

With a bit of Keima taunting and encouragement, Chihiro eventually gets back her self-confidence.

Oh, and a kiss sealed the deal, like always, forcing out the loose soul. Tsk, Keima…

Oh well, the Chihiro arc’s over, at least. I found the Chihiro arc pretty touching towards the end, not like the start when I wasn’t really particularly interested in Chihiro. I guess that’s what character development can do, eh?

Next episode:

Wow, a Chihiro fest. D<

Hopefully next week'll be Jun's arc. :P

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