love your life, love my life

I just gotta love my life, haha.

Finally, Aki Toyosaki’s album’s out! Whoooh!

The songs are pretty good, if I must say so myself. :3


1. Hello Allo
2. 春風 SHUN PU
3. Alright
4. 何かが空を飛んでくる
5. march
6. Magical Circle
7. パティシエール
8. ぼくを探して
9. カレイドスコープ
10. 片想いのテーマ
11. Dill
12. 君にありがとう
13. love your life

For those who’ve been following Aki Toyosaki’s discography (like me :D), you would be able to see that there’re only 6 new songs in the album.

Not that I’m complaining, though. I’m happy with this. ;D

I wonder when Haruka Tomatsu’s going to release another album. Or maybe Minako Kotobuki’ll release one first?

Oh, and Haruka Tomatsu’s new single’s going to be released on July 13th! -marks calendar-

Anyway, back to listening the album, even though I’ve listened through it once already!

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