The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya: Review

Well, maybe I'm 6 months late, ehehe.

Well you know what they say, better later than never. D<

This movie was a pretty good one, overall. It had the quality that was expected of KyoAni. The scenery scenes were great (as I would have expected of all Haruhi series), so no problem with that. Animation too was fluid.

I guess everyone wanted to see shy dere Yuki, eh?

Haruhi in ponytails, win!

And of course, our titular character Haruhi! Strangely I found her less annoying in the new world, maybe it was due to the lack of Asahina whining beside her. D<

In the movie it's been brought up several times to us about Kyon's over-reliance on Yuki (Kyon even admitted it himself). I find that quite thought-provoking. In our lives, isn't this often the case as well? At least Kyon actually realized his over-reliance on Yuki. What about us? Have we realized the people we over-rely on? Sometimes these people are like Yuki, working behind the scenes to make everything work well and yet silently bearing the brunt of the consequences.

At other times, don’t we also feel like ranting and just saying “I don’t wanna do this anymore!” like Yuki thinks (presumably, according to Kyon anyway)? Most of us probably have felt that from all the stress accumulated from work/studying, and in the end just want to not do anything. What Yuki (and Kyon) reminds me is that sometimes, you have to take a step back and look at these things you’re doing and ask yourself if it’s truly something you enjoy. Perhaps not on the same scale as changing the world like Yuki (not like we can, anyway), but at least think about it. I can say that despite all the stress I have at school right now (it’s a hectic year for me), looking back I’ll still say it was a fun year and I enjoyed it. Kyon realized that ultimately he still loved Haruhi’s crazy antics despite constantly complaining about it.

I command you to watch through all episodes of K-ON! S1 and S2 as well as Lucky Star in one go, now!

I guess this has already been brought up many times in the Haruhi series, but I’ll just write it here since I’ve never actually did a review for the Haruhi series. Haruhi just reminds me of the risk-taking, adventurous self within each of us who long for the supernatural and things like that. Wouldn’t you wish espers existed in the world once? I guess this part of our inner self exists in everyone, just that as we grow up, society’s limitation and perceptions of a normal being cause us to forsake this part of our inner self.

Okay, I guess that was already written somewhere on the net, so I’ll cut all that.

Okay, I’ll step away from the symbolic elements of the movie.

The pacing of the show was rather good, with peaks in tension placed rather aptly. One might have thought that the problem would be solved simply by Kyon pressing the “Enter” key, but in the end Kyon is sent back to Tanabata 3 years ago to resolve the situation with Adult Mikuru and the Yuki from 3 years ago. And then after we have to handle with the revelation that Yuki’s the culprit behind all these events, and Kyon’s ready to shoot her…

"Hi hi, I'm your neighbourhood psychotic stabber!"

Asakura moves in and stabs Kyon. Apparently she retained her psychotic nature somehow. Kyon’s helped by Kyon and another Mikuru who apparently timetravelled back into the June 18 timeline to save the Kyon that got stabbed by Asakura. This would probably open up some paradox somewhere, but at least it wasn’t some ridiculous thing like Kyon managing to somehow aim and shoot Yuki with the needle gun with his wound bleeding out torrents of blood.

I-It's not like I wanted to stay by your side for 3 days straight, o-okay! -blushes-

The ending was pretty touching too, with Haruhi staying by Kyon’s side for the 3 days that he was unconscious in the hospital. And Kyon’s monologue at the end was perfect. Kyon putted off his saving of his past self to try Haruhi’s nabe. The movie started with a monologue, ended up with one as well.

I guess that’s about it for the movie. I might as missed out a few points, since I had to rewrite this post due to circumstances involving WordPress (Tsk, I should’ve copied my post to Microsoft Word beforehand). I think that’s about it, though.

This is my first time writing a proper review, so do comment on any areas I need improvement on. I’m open to discussion too, so tell me the points you agree/disagree on.

And finally, something I noticed in the movie…

Windows 95, what an antique! :D

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