Hidan no Aria – 07

I'm at a loss of words for this, seriously.

So it’s yoda subs this time? Pained by these subs, I am.

Seriously, does soba (as in the buckwheat noodles) make any sense!? And it’s “soba ni”, it’s obviously “beside”… -facepalms-

Oh well, the subs kinda ruined the entire episode for me.

Not like the episode was particularly awesome anyway. -shrugs-

To summarize, basically we have Aria and Kinji arguing about the existence of Durandal, and then a date between Kinji and Shirayuki in the beach.

Yeah and then we have Shirayuki disappearing, Kinji realizing he should’ve listened to Aria about protecting Shirayuki…

…and Aria coming to Kinji’s rescue as always. -sigh-

Okay, so it wasn’t an eventful episode. Even with Durandal trying to goad Shirayuki into joining E.U. (okay, more like, forcing her), there wasn’t much action. Maybe we’ll see more next episode.

The event at the beach was one of the more interesting highlights imo, ehehe.

Oh hey there, Nako— I mean, Shirayuki. :3

And Nako-style boin! Looking for Ohana-style…

Which will Aria, probably, hehehe.

Next episode:

Mmhm, Shirayuki with her hair let down. :3

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