Denpa Onna – 08

HNGGG Meme and that one piece~

A Meme-centric episode this time, it retells the June 12th to June 16th events from Meme’s viewpoint.

It appears that Meme’s been going around helping Erio all this time (well it was kinda obvious, but we didn’t actually see Meme in action), which included meeting with the guy with the cow tag on his ear. Yamamoto, was it not? :3

Oh, that smile…

And we had a bit of Meme-flashbacks!

Super kawaii there, child-Meme!

Apparently one of the rockets that “Yamamoto” made was a real one. Yes, an exploding rocket. Is that even allowed? D<

Oh, it seems that his name's Ashiro, not Yamamoto, ehehe.

It turns out that Meme wanted that explosion to “blow away the aliens” like Elliot (that’s Erio’s father presumably) told her years back (yeaaaah, that flashback), and to spur the grandma to continue living, I guess?

www so touching. -sobs-

Well, Meme had a wonderful 40th birthday, at the very least. Although it was already past one week earlier (in-anime time).

Since there was an obvious lack of Makoto, we have Erio and Meme to fill in for him. We didn’t see much of Erio this episode either, but I guess she’s counting from the previous episodes.

And a positive gain in society rehabilitation points? Erio, really? :D

Better than what Makoto’s getting for his puberty points anyway.

Next episode:

Sounds like another adventure. -gets ready screenshot button-

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